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The Flavor of Montana | Specialty Food & Gift Collection

the Party

The perfect gift for any party!
2 lb. Beef Mountain Sausage,
2 oz. Olive Oil & Sea Salt
Crackers,13 oz.Chalet Market
Signature Honey Mustard,
8 oz. Bequet Soft Caramels,
3 oz. Zesty Cheddar and
Swiss Cheese Triangles.


Gift #321.......$58.95

Cream of the Caramels


other varieties
available as well!

trIPle Play sNaCk
Includes 3 sausage styles:
Beef Mountain Sausage, Beef Salami with
Jalapeno Pepper and Chalet Summer
Sausage. Plus 4 oz. Old Hickory Cheese,
a 4 oz. Honey Mustard and Partners Olive
Oil and Sea Salt Crackers to get the snack
party started! Gift #5


CoFFee Traders

Montana Blend, Huckleberry, Flathead Cherry Glacier
Blend & Organic Montana Morning


Meat, Cheese &
Mustard treat

12 oz. Beef Mountain Sausage, 12 oz. Chalet Summer
Sausage, 4 oz. Old Hickory Cheese, 4 oz. Swiss Blend
Cheese, 4 oz. Honey Mustard.

Gift #221.......$39.95

the Chalet
Crowd Pleaser

Want to impress? Have a group to thank? This gift has
it all - meat, cheese, varied crackers, even candy.Two
boxes of crackers, Buffalo Salami, Chalet Summer
Sausage, Elk Summer Sausage, Beef Mountain
Sausage,each in 12 oz.size; 3 oz.Cheese wedges: Old
Hickory Cheese & Swiss Cheese; 4 oz. Pepper Cheese
and Zesty Cheddar Cheese; as well as Almond Butter
Crisp and Huckleberry Taffy. Oops! Almost forgot. We’ll
squeeze in a 4 oz. Honey Mustard, too!

Gift #72.......$109.95

rimrock Mall
Nov. - Dec.

Billings deli & Gift store
327 N. 24th st. w.

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