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January is
Pet Dental Health

Does your
pet have
healthy teeth?
It’s important
to regularly brush
your pet’s teeth.

Routine check-ups
with the vet
are essential for
your companion’s

a nine-year-old
Border Collie mix,
lost more than
20 lbs. through a
managed diet and
exercise plan.

Did you know that oral health has a significant impact
on your pet’s quality of life, comfort and even lifespan?
February is Pet Dental Health Month, and it’s the
perfect time to ensure that your loyal companion’s
mouth and teeth are in peak condition. After all, your
four-legged friend’s overall wellbeing depends on it!


Like humans, pets that lack proper oral and dental
hygiene can develop illnesses such as
gingivitis and periodontitis. If your cat
or dog displays any of the following
symptoms, a visit to your vet might be in
• Unusually foul-smelling
• Frequent pawing at the
A healthy diet
face or mouth area
is key to a
• Apparent difficulty
healthy mouth.
chewing food

Oh my!
Your teeth look

• Swollen gums
• Reddish-brown teeth


To keep the spread of disease-causing oral bacteria
to a minimum, it’s important that you establish an
oral hygiene routine for your pet that includes regular
tooth brushing. Veterinary clinics and specialized
stores stock a variety of toothbrushes and toothpastes
designed for different types of pets.
Diet is also a major factor in your pet’s dental health.
To prevent plaque and tartar buildup, feed Fido
high-quality dry food and chew treats rather than
canned varieties or leftover “people food.”
Don’t underestimate the importance of regular
check-ups with the vet. Remember: it’s your
responsibility to see to your pet’s health and

r Nearly 50% of US pets are overweight. Even a little extra
Keep slim weight can impact their quality of life. A managed diet that
with the unique metabolisms of canines and
pets trim naturally works
felines and keeps them trim and healthy.
Call today to schedule a weight management
consultation for your pooch or kitty.

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