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Faith Guide

sunday January 28, 2018
11:45 AM
King of Glory lutheran

Meeting - The Commons
Vote upon The Updated
Constitution, By-Laws,


thursday february 1, 2018 Monday february 05, 2018 tuesday february 13, 2018
Jonah’s Passover

07:00 PM

Shrove Tuesday (christian)

(eastern orthodox

Billings first congregational



Wednesday february 14, 2018

church - elca
Annual Congregational

calendar of

friday february 2, 2018
The Presentation of our
lord to the Temple (eastern
orthodox christian)

Spirituality on Tap - Thirsty Street

ash Wednesday (christian)

Brewery Spirituality on Tap is a

Monday february 19, 2018

discussion group for people

clean Monday

who may not feel comfortable
in church, but still want to talk

(eastern orthodox christian)

about faith and ethics. It is

2018 Budget and

open to people of all faiths and


backgrounds, whether

This Week’s FeaTured ChurCh
New Hope CHurCH
of tHe NazareNe
25 Hilltop road

you are a regular
church-goer, seeking, or have
left the church. Come in,
grab a drink, and let’s ask the

A Time For Worship...
meaningful questions!


holy spirit anglican church

625 Mattson Lane
@ Eastgate Wesleyan Church
(1 block North of Heights Wal-Mart)
Sunday Services 3pm

emmanuel baptist church (sbc)

328 S. Shiloh Rd. • 652–3161
Sunday Worship – 8am, 9:30am & 11am
“Interpreted for the Deaf”, Sunday 11am
Sunday School 9:30am & 11am
Children’s Program, Tuesday 6:30pm
Youth Group, Wed. 7pm-9pm
Weeknight Bible Studies for Adults

first baptist church (abc)
218 N. 34th St. • 259-6546

Traditional Worship, 9 am
Contemporary Worship, 10:30 am
Sunday School, 9 am & 10:30 am
Sunday Bible Study, 5 pm
Wednesday evenings:
Free offering dinner, 5:30 pm
Kidz Klub, 6 pm
Adult Bible Study, 6 pm
Youth Group, 6:30 pm
Pastor Ross Lieuallen

lifeWay church of billings
3100 Rimrock Rd. • 655–8245
Contemporary Worship, 10am
Interlude & Life Groups, 11am
Nursery Provided

st. bernard

226 Wicks Lane • 259-4350
Saturday Mass, 5pm
Sunday Mass, 9am & 11am

st. patrick co-cathedral

215 N. 31st • 259-3389
Saturday Mass, 5pm
Sunday Mass, 8am, 10:30am
Weekday Mass, Tues-Fri, 12:10pm

st. pius X

717 18th St. W. (18th & Broadwater)
Saturday Evening Mass, 5pm
Sunday Mass, 9am & 11am

st. thomas the apostle

Corner of Colton Blvd. & Woody Dr. • 656-5800
Alive in Christ
Saturday Evening Mass, 5pm
Sunday Mass, 8:30am & 10:30am
Daily Mass, Tues. – Fri. 9am

christian science




first church of christ, scientist

apostles lutheran church (Wels)

peace lutheran church (elca)

new hope church of the nazarene

Weekly & Sunday Bible Study Sermon Topic
3140 Broadwater Ave. • 656-7141
Bible Hour, Adults & Children, Sun. 9:10am
Attend at Corner of Division & Burlington
Sun. Worship, 8am & 10:30am
or Dial 1-877-333-3702,
Mon. Worship, 6:30pm
then dial code 1234567
Christian Preschool – Ages 3 to 5
Pastor Jay Bickelhaupt
Sunday Church and School Services 10:30am
atonement lutheran church (elca)
Wednesday Church Service 7:30pm
1290 Sierra Granda Blvd • 245-7004
Child Care Available
(In the Heights)
Reading Room, 2817 2nd Ave. N., • 248-8661
Morning Worship Service at 8am &10:30
Sunday School and Fellowship Hour, 9:15am
Pastor Darren Paulson


pilgrim congregational church

409 S. 36th St. • 252–8390
Where Christ is Lord, and
Everyone is Welcome!
Coffee and cookies in library, 9:00am
Sunday Worship, 10am
Sunday School, 10am

episcopal church
st. luke’s episcopal church

119 N. 33rd • 252-7186
Saturday Service, 5pm
Children’s Sunday School, 9:30am
Sunday Service, 10:30am
Wednesday Service, 12:15pm
The Rev. Melinda St.Clair

faith evangelical church

3145 Sweet Water Dr. • 656–8747
Saturday Worship, 5pm
Sunday Worship, 8:30am & 11am
Visit our website

harvest church

1235 West Wicks Lane • 259-5648
Saturday Evening Service, 5:00pm
Sunday Services, 9am & 11am
Lockwood Campus • 1413 Rosebud Lane
Sunday Services, 9am & 11am


faith chapel

Corner of Shiloh & Broadwater • 656-8780
Saturday Service, 5pm
Sunday Service, 9:30am & 11:15am
Kids’ Ministry at All Services
Lead Pastor Nate Poetzl

Word of life fellowship

1737 King Ave. W. 655-2002
Sunday Service, 9am & 11am
Pastor Alex Chai

american lutheran church (elca)
Corner of Division & Lewis • 252-4171
Sunday Services 8:30am and 11:00am
Nursery Provided

1301 Ave. D • 252–5504
Saturday Evening Worship, 5pm
Sunday Worship, 10am
Education Hour, Wednesday 5:30pm

trinity lutheran church (lcMs)

Sixth & Grand Ave. • 245-3984
Saturday Worship 5pm
Sunday Worship, 8am & 10:30am
Trinity Lutheran School: Preschool-Grade 8
Belvedere Dr and 28th St. West
Pastor Daniel Rinderknecht
Associate Pastor Daniel Keinath

first english lutheran church (elca)
1243 N. 31st • 245-4933
(1 blk W. of St. Vincent’s Hosp.)
Sunday School & Adult Education, 9am
Sunday Worship, 10:00am
Prayer Time, Tues. 7:30am
Bible Study, Tues. 11am
God’s Kids, Wed. 6pm–7pm

lutheran church of the
good shepherd (elca)

1108 24th St. W. • 656-1080
Sunday Worship, 9am & 11:15am
Holy Communion at All Services
Sunday School/Adult Ed, 10:15am
Nursery Available

grace lutheran church (lcMc)

Lutheran Congregation
in Mission for Christ
304 34th St. W. • 652-6298, 256-1083
(Smith’s West Chapel)
Sunday Worship, Traditional Service, 9am
Hospitality Hour, 10am
Weekly Holy Communion

Joy lutheran church (lcMc)

Lutheran Congregations
in Mission for Christ
3200 Broadwater Ave.
(Chapel-Seventh Day Adventist Church)
Pastor Mark Fry, 402-660-0639
Sunday Worship, 10am
Adult Bible Study/Sunday School, 9am
Joy Counseling–672-3685

King of glory lutheran church (elca)

4125 Grand Ave. • 652-1690
Sunday Worship Services, 8:30am & 10:30am
Sunday Education Time 9:40-10:20am

Messiah lutheran church (elca)
2939 Colton Blvd. • 656-2018
Sunday Worship, 9:30am
Preschool Offered Monday-Friday

Mount olive lutheran church

Missouri Synod
2336 St. John’s Ave. • 656-6687
(across from West High)
Sunday Worship, 8am & 10:45am
Adult Class & Sunday School, 9:30am
Monday Worship, 7pm
Pastor Mark Grunst

25 Hilltop Road • 252-5445
Sunday Service, 10:45 am
Wednesday Service, 6:30 pm
Pastor JD Shanahan

everlasting covenant congregation
1304 Central Avenue, Billings
Main Service, Friday 6:00pm Potluck Meal
7:00pm Service
Saturday - 2:00pm Service
Tuesday - 6:00pm Prayer, 7:00pm Service

the oasis church

2102 Old Hardin Rd. • 254-7189
Sunday Service 10:30 a.m.
Spirit-filled, gifts of the Spirit,
a place of Grace, truth and love.
Come experience Jesus.
Pastor John Kyle

presbyterian (usa)
first presbyterian church

13th & Poly • 252–3434
A Stephen Ministry Congregation
Sunday School, 9:15am
Sunday Worship Service, 10:30am
Fellowship to Follow Worship
Pastor David Thompson

united church of christ
billings first congregational
church – (ucc)

310 N 27th St. 245-6477
Open & Affirming / Just Peace
9:00am Chancel Choir,
new singers welcome!
10:00 am Children’s Sunday School
10:00am Adult Form; A look at scripture
passages with Dr. Walt Gulick
11:00am Family Worship
7pm Practices for Resilience & Renewal
Staffed nursery is available
Valet service upon request
After worship, coffee & conversation.
Senior Minister Reverend Michael Mulberry

Mayflower congregational church
2940 Poly @ Rehberg • 656–5414
Open & Affirming – Just Peace Church
God Is Still Speaking
Sunday Worship, 10am
Sunday School, 10am
Nursery Provided

united Methodist
billings first united Methodist

2800 4th Ave. N. • 245–3001
Fellowship & Coffee, Sun, 9am
Sunday School Classes for all ages - 9:15am
Sunday Worship Service, 10:30am
Childcare Provided

hope united Methodist church

244 Wicks Lane • 259-4673
Serving Billings Heights Since 1981
Adult Sunday School, 8am
Sunday Worship/Sunday School, 9am
Pastor Gary Geiman

st. andrew presbyterian church
180 24th Street West • 656-9256
Sunday Worship, 11am
Sunday School, 9:30am
Rev. Susan Barnes, Pastor
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presbyterian (pca)


rocky Mountain community church
2832 Broadwater Ave. • 259–7811
Sunday School, 9am
Worship Service, 10am

unitarian universalist

united pentecostal
the pentecostals of billings
2335 Lewis Avenue • 652–2443
Sunday Worship, 10am & 5pm
Bible Study, Wednesday, 7pm

billings vineyard® church
2376 Main St. • 259–VINE
(In the heights, next to
Bull Mountain Grille)
Sunday Worship Service 10am

billings unitarian universalist fellowship
2032 Central Ave. • 652–1893
Sunday Services: 10:30 AM
Escaping Christianity: Alyssa Love
Coffee & Conversation after the Service
Children’s Religious Exploration: 10:30am
Community Lecture Series, Wed 7-9pm
Creativity by Committee, Margaret English

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