We have three 5-mo-old Samoyed pups for sale. Two boys, one girl; all intact. Magical breed. Friendly, cheerful, and affectionate without being obnoxious about it. Hypoallergenic & low-odor, not slobbery. Absolutely beautiful dogs. Come with vet check paperwork & shots/vaccines good through the first year. Pups are not AKC registered, but parents are, so papers should be obtainable for an extra fee.

Multi-function working dogs with sledding, herding, and guarding instincts. Dad is a show dog city boy. Pups have been raised with mom around cattle, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens, which they don't harass. But they like to chase deer and tree coons. Excellent mousers. Ignored the doghouse sleeping outside at -20F recently. Both parents are at the large end of the spectrum for this breed.

If you've ever considered buying a Samoyed, you will know they usually sell for much more than this, and litters are generally spoken for before birth.

Potential downsides that make this a breed that's not for everyone is that they need daily exercise or their high energy can get channeled into digging or barking; with a regular run of a mile or two, they remain mellow and quiet. Very focused on human companionship, so will not have a happy life alone outside. Also, they blow out their undercoat all at once 2x/yr (only 1x if neutered/spayed); the upside to this is minimal shedding outside the blowout.

Our daughter added a filter to the second photo; the pups have a little of the biscuit coloration, but nowhere near as much as in that photo -- they look like little white polar bears.

Pups live outside of town and will be brought in to Billings or Red Lodge for sale.

(832) 963-9779


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