Montana Romance Writers annual conference

Tue, Aug 30 2016, All Day

In another first, the newly formed Montana chapter of the Romance Writers of America is holding its inaugural conference forall experienced and aspiring writers at Montana's Fairmont Hot Springs. 


Kat Martin, one of Montana's best-known writers and a New York Times bestseller, will be in Anaconda, Mont., for the conference, which is set for Sept. 28–30, 2012. She can be reached at

 USA Today bestselling author B.J. Daniels will be the keynote speaker, and she will lead a workshop on how to write that all-important first paragraph. Daniels, a former journalist who lives in Malta, has published more than 60 books. She can be reached at B.J. Daniels

 Writer and speaker Lynn Kinnaman will lead a workshop on how to tap into the power of the storytelling structure so that it holds up all the way through – no sagging middles here. As a bonus, she will discuss the hero's journey. She can be reached at

 Rita Karnopp, a multipublished author of American Indian and suspense novels who lives in East Helena, will lead a workshop on the steps to greatness. Karnopp, who is working on a series about the gypsy Holocaust, will also help writers reconnect with their positive attitude. Karnopp can be reached at

For information about the Montana Romance Writers chapter, contact President Rionna Morgan at   

Early-bird registration ends Aug. 31. For information about the conference, go to





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