Rick Hill

Rick  Hill


  • NameRick Hill
  • Party Affiliationrepublican
  • Date of Birth (Age)December 29, 1946 (68)
  • OccupationRetired businessman with some real estate investments.
  • EmailRick@rickhillforgovernor.com
  • Phone406-227-8899
  • Home
    P.O. Box 1585 Helena, Montana
  • Zip59624
  • CountryUnited States


* Republican candidate for governor of Montana.

* Running mate: Jon Sonju.

* Four-year term.

* Lives in: Helena.

* Education: Graduated from Aiken, Minn., High School. Bachelor's degree from St. Cloud State College (now University) in 1968 with degree in economics and political science. Law degree from Concord Law School in 2005. Passed California bar exam.

* Past employment: Managed surety bond office for St. Paul Cos. in Great Falls, 1971-77; partner, Montana International Insurance in Helena, 1973-84; ran own insurance business, R.A. Hill & Co., 1984-92.

* Military: None.

* Wife, Betti.

* Children. Sons Todd, Corey and Mike.

Political experience: Elected chairman of Montana Republican Party in 1991; served as finance director and adviser to Marc Racicot's campaign for governor in 1992; served as Gov. Racicot's legislative liaison, 1993; appointed by Racicot to serve as chairman of the state workers' compensation board of directors, 1993-1996; elected to Congress in 1996 and 1998. He has been active in many Republican campaigns.



Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Republican nominee for governor Montana 2012 State Primary
Montana governor 2012 State General

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