Jon Tester

Jon  Tester


  • NameJon Tester
  • Party Affiliationdemocrat
  • Date of Birth (Age)August 20, 1956 (58)
  • OccupationU.S. senator from Montana. Farmer.
  • Phone866-554-4403
  • Phone 2202-224-2644
  • Home
    P.O. Box 3171 Billings, Montana
  • Zip59103
  • CountryUnited States


* Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Montana.

* Incumbent.

* Hometown: Big Sandy.

* Education: Bachelor's degree in music from University of Great Falls.

* Political experience: 2007-present, U.S. senator from Montana. 2005, became Montana state Senate president. 1997, elected to the Montana Senate.

* Occupation: .S. senator from Montana. Farmer. Former music teacher for Great Falls public schools.

* Wife: Sharla.

Keywords: U.s. Senate


Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate from Montana 2012 National Primary
U.S. Senate from Montana 2012 National General

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