Ron Vandevender

Ron  Vandevender


  • NameRon Vandevender
  • Party Affiliationlibertarian
  • OccupationRancher, runs Internet business
  • Phone406-422-3474
  • Home
    3723 Eagle Canyon Road Cascade, Montana
  • Zip59421
  • CountryUnited States


* Libertarian candidate for governor of Montana.

* Running mate: Marc Mulcahy.

* Four-year term.

* Lives in: Cascade.

Political experience: Involved in politics for 35 years. Ran for Montana House District 84 in 2008, and Congress in 1996. Has worked numerous campaigns both on the state and federal levels. Served on the Yazoo County Chamber of Commerce and the Yazoo County Republican Exec. Commintee.



Race District Election Year Election Level Election Type Win
Libertarian nominee for governor Montana 2012 State Primary
Montana governor 2012 State General

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