"Punctuating The Blue," a solo exhibition featuring work by artist Janell James, opens Thursday, Sept. 21 at Terakedis Fine Art, 112 N. Broadway.

The show is up through Oct. 5 with artist receptions on Sept. 21, 22 and 23.

James’ approach is singular in application, material and style painting, which is done on five panes of plexiglass, according to gallery owner Zack Terakedis. She combines layers of classical realism with reverse painting, a technique from the 18th century. James works to create trees abstractly, deconstructing Old World tradition on modern-day material. Through this work each layer is revealed from back to front adding a 3-D result.

“Janell is one of the hardest working artists I have come across, focused and determined to make a way for herself as a professional in a career that requires persistence, resilience, marketing skills, commitment to her trade, and an adaptability," Terakedis said.

James' trees are multi-layered in their approach to life. Trees provide community not only for each other but for other living things.

"They are unselfish in their giving. They are our shelter, our shade, our perch, and our swing, providing our food, our oxygen," James said. "Trees know what they are meant to be from seedling, which at our very core if we listen as artists, we know this too."

James studied art in Paris and is part of the Utah Helper lineage of artists. She is represented by four national galleries and her work is in private and public collections.