RMC stages 'Animal Farm'

A stage adaptation of George Orwell's "Animal Farm," produced by Rocky Mountain College's theater department, opens Friday, Oct. 6, at Billings Studio Theatre.

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Rocky Mountain College Department of Theatre Arts is presenting George Orwell's "Animal Farm," Oct. 6-14 at Billings Studio Theatre.

Adapted by Ian Wooldridge, the play will be performed at 7:30 each night of the run.

Admission is a suggested donation of $6 with RMC identification or $8 for students and seniors without a Rocky ID, or $10 for adults.

The cast includes Bridget Baugh, Andrew Bosco-Louis, Samantha Haan, Kelsey Henscheid, Lily Kraft, Gwen Satterfield, Emily Schaff, Timothy Tanzosh and Troy Tazioli.

It is directed by Jayme C. Green, with help from technical director Tim Gross.

The animals of Manor Farm have decided to overthrow the tyrannical Mr. Jones and take control of the farm to create a society where All Animals Are Equal.

The pigs take charge, but quickly find themselves each vying for power with the rest of the animals caught in the crossfire. As the pigs strengthen their hold on the other animals, corruption rises and the animals begin to question if this new regime is any better now that Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.

"Animal Farm" examines how absolute power corrupts absolutely and explores the idea of bullying and fear of a ruling class. It reveals how noble intentions can quickly turn into the exact thing they were meant to stand against.

For more information about the RMC Department of Theatre Arts or the production of "Animal Farm," contact Green at greenj@rocky.edu or 657-1111.



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