Tanner Stitchman and Sophia Heilman

From left, "She Kills Monsters" actors Tanner Stitchman and Sophia Heilman rehearse a scene Oct. 25.

Kobalds and Bugbears and dragons, oh my!

Fantasy creatures transport the audience to the Dungeons & Dragons world of "She Kills Monsters," premiering at Billings Senior High. Performances in the school auditorium are Friday and Saturday, Nov. 3-4, at 7 each night.

Tanner Stichman is the hooded narrator who invites the audience into the backstory. Agnes, played by Sophia Heilman, discovers a Dungeons & Dragons module that her recently deceased sister Tilly (Emma Leigh Mueller) created. Enlisting the aid of Dungeon Master Chuck (Wyatt Gadeberg), Agnes embarks on an adventure that reveals Tilly as a celebrated D&D player — a powerful level-20 Paladin  — who dominates her virtual world.

So begins the journey as Agnes enters Tilly’s world of New Landia, fighting alongside the demon queen Lilith (Eva Marie Robinson), dark elf Kaliope (Mary Thompson), demon overlord Orcus (Ubai Jawad), and Tilly herself.

Their adventure includes vanquishing evil succubi (Magnolia West, Madison Warner); a homicidal fairy (Michaiah John); Vera the Beholder (Abby Miller); assorted kobalds, bugbears and monsters; a gelatinous cube; and the five-headed monster, Tiamet.

Bayles DeVries provides comic relief as Steve the Mage, who haplessly wanders into the game.

'She Kills Monsters' at Senior High

Cast members from "She Kills Monsters" are in full dress during rehearsal for the Senior High staging, which is set to play Friday and Saturday, Nov. 3-4.

Playwright Qui Nguyen has created a compelling world that offers an homage to the geek and warrior in all of us, touching of themes of death, love, and the bullying of gay teens.

Nancy Peterson, Art Department Chair at Senior High, assisted in the creation of D&D character masks, and Kim Jette’s art classes created the dragon. English teacher Margo Turley directs.

Tickets are $5 for students and seniors and $7 for adults. The play is rated PG for mature themes and language.


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