The West High Drama Department is presenting the drama "12 Angry Jurors," by Reginald Rose, in the school's auditorium Thursday through Saturday, Oct. 12-14, at 7:30 each night.

Tickets are $5 for students and seniors and $7 for adults.

The plot revolves around 12 American citizens who have been called to determine the guilt of a 19-year-old accused of murdering his father. Based on evidence provided in the trial, the jury must decide if the young man will receive the death penalty or walk free from the alleged crime.

Tempers flare as the group struggles to find a unanimous verdict that is based not on outside prejudices but on the facts of the case. Based on the 1950s film by the same name, this staged adaptation plants itself right in the middle of modern times and the struggle to find truth in an ever-shifting sea of subjectivity.

In the midst of our current political climate, this play examines the corruption and complexity of our criminal justice system and the prejudices we, even unknowingly, as voting citizens take into the jury room. It analyzes the responsibility of these 12 average citizens in deciding the fate of a teenager.

The show is directed by Myra Nurre with help from assistant director by Alyssa Principe. It features a cast of emerging artists including Brady Dannenberg, Madi Morgan, Emily Lindell, Peri Russell, Jayden Keeler, Ellie Lowe, Esabeau Harrington, Amanda Steele, Denny Keeler, Erica White, Ben Sholar and Issa McKnight.

Nurre said this show will have you rethinking the value of truth in the midst of fake news and hearsay.

Due to some mature themes, this show is not recommended for young children. There will be a brief talk-back session after the Friday, Oct. 13 show that offers audience members the chance to speak with actors, designers and director regarding the show.