Foursight: Very Superstitious

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We all get a double whammy of superstition on Friday with a full moon and Friday the 13th. Having a full moon on a Friday the 13th is so rare we won’t have another one until the year 2049. So this week’s question is: What are you superstitious about?

Mihail Kennedy: The little people of the Pryors.

Lukas Seely: Of course I have superstitions, I’m a comedian. When it comes to performing I have these superstitions. If I stray from these I always end up having a bad set.

I have to brush my teeth and shower right before I head to the venue I’m performing at.

I cannot eat anything after I shower.

I cannot listen to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) before a show.

I can never wear white socks.

On weekend shows I can wear only the following shoe brands: Nike, Sperry’s and Kenneth Cole. On Weekdays: Vans.

If I am seeing or dating someone, I cannot get a “Good Luck” kiss because it throws me off. But after my set, I’ll take a, “You did a great job and here is your reward,” kiss.

Rachelle Lacy, Gazette staff: Forecasts of electrical storms on a full-moon Friday the 13th while solar flares reach us during a tinfoil shortage. I would expound, but I seem to have lost my hat.

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