Standout Student: Julie Almer

2013-01-25T00:45:00Z Standout Student: Julie Almer The Billings Gazette

The Billings Gazette and Arts Without Boundaries are recognizing outstanding high school seniors in the Billings area for their contributions to the arts. Over the next few months, Enjoy will feature 18 high school seniors who are recipients of a $100 scholarship, awarded by Arts Without Boundaries, a nonprofit group that promotes the arts in K-12 schools.

Name: Julie Almer

School: Senior High

Arts programs you are involved in: School band, choir and orchestra

How has your participation in the arts impacted you and your scholastic success? Music is something I have pursued all my life. Ever since I was little, practicing and the lessons helped me acquire such skills as patience, focus, perfection and dedication. I like to believe that music has helped me with math, English and improved my social skills.

What influence will your music have on your future? I would like to play music professionally as a career, whether that means playing in an orchestra, a band or teaching. Music keeps me wanting to improve and strive for better. Through Arts Without Boundaries, I’ve got a head start in teaching.

How has music helped you contribute to your school and community? When I volunteer and hold mini concerts at nursing homes or perform in a school concert, I can’t help but notice the audience’s reaction. How does the music I create make them feel? When I see the old folks in nursing homes smiling, remembering or even crying, it makes me feel so great to be able to play music and help them express what they hold inside. Music is like language in another form and I would like to keep creating beautiful, touching language.

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