Good Eats: Sarah's Mexican Food

2014-05-23T00:15:00Z 2014-05-23T06:16:12Z Good Eats: Sarah's Mexican Food The Billings Gazette

What: Sarah’s Mexican Food

Where: 310 N. 29th St.

The history: Sarah’s used to be called El Burrito, which made sense because the giant green-and-red smothered burritos are still its most popular entres. Sarah’s opened in 1983 when three sisters, the daughters of Soleda (Sally) and Pedro Rodriguez, returned home to Billings after living in California for almost 20 years. They brought the culture of southern California back with them, which meant cooking up flavorful Mexican food that can be prepared in a hurry and served to busy, working folks. In 2002, when Sarah died, the other sisters and various other family members kept the cafe open, honoring Sarah by renaming it.

What makes it special? Three popular items on the menu, the smothered burritos, the huevos rancheros, and the menudo have been on the menu for 31 years. That says something about the taste. The huevos is made with green pork sauce, served with eggs, beans, rice and tortillas. The smothered burritos come with green pork sauce or red beef sauce. They are big because each one is built on a 10-inch tortilla. The menudo is a soup made with hominy and tripe, which is the lining of the stomach of a cow. Flavorful and filling are the two best descriptions of Sarah’s dishes.

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