Blue's BBQ
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Geographically, Montana couldn’t be much further from the Deep South. That being said, we’ve still got some delicious options to satisfy a craving for classic barbecue. The spots on this list have outstanding reputations for dishing up some of the best grilled meats and sides in the state.

Barbecue in a gas station? You’ll have to taste it to believe it. Blue’s has is the best authentic barbecue in Billings, and it’s impossible to resist treating yourself when you walk by and smell what they’re cooking. Best of all, Blue’s caters private parties and events.

Thirsty Turtle Burgers & BBQ in Big Timber

Barbecue isn’t the only thing you’ll find on the menu at the Thirsty Turtle, but it definitely dominates the dining room. Their House BBQ Sammies are really something special.

“Nice buns” is what the team at Ray J’s is used to hearing — they make them fresh daily, and they’re the perfect vessels for holding the smoked meats and sauces that make this place so great. If you’re really hungry, try a Hay Stack. It’s waffle fries smothered in brisket, baked beans and barbecue sauce.

Moose Creek BBQ in Hamilton

The owners of Moose Creek are from Georgia, so you’ll definitely notice a southern influence here. The smoked and grilled meats are definitely top notch, but this is one place where the side dishes steal the show.

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Notorious P.I.G.

The founders of this amazingly named restaurant hail from both St. Louis and the Midwest, and they have taken barbecue tips from all over the country to create their menu. While mixing “styles” can sometimes be dangerous, they seem to have perfected the art. You’ll find everything from Memphis style ribs to Texas brisket here, and it’s all delicious.

In a tourist-focused town like Philipsburg, the restaurant food needs! to be top notch to compete. This little spot on Broadway serves the classics as well as some creative entrees like BBQ Pork Nachos.