Earl Grey Bochon at Harper & Madison

One of Harper & Madison's specialty desserts, the Earl Grey Bochon features a spongecake made with cocoa and Earl Grey tea and served with a warm Brandy sauce.

LARRY MAYER/Gazette Staff

What: Earl Grey Bochon

Where: Harper & Madison, 3115 10th Ave.N.

How much is it? $5.25

Who makes it? Pastry chef Joanie Swords, owner of Harper & Madison, tried several recipes using Earl Grey tea, but couldn’t find one that showcased the tea’s distinct flavoring. Until now.

What makes it special? This isn’t real sweet. It’s a spongecake made with cocoa and the Earl Grey tea. I could really taste the tea. I will serve it with a warm Brandy sauce. I used a double boiler to make the sauce and stir it constantly. But it’s worth it. It’s my favorite sauce.

What would this dessert pair well with? I am serving this at a Christmas party for a neighborhood group that booked the restaurant for a wine club party. They gave me full creative license to come up with the menu. I am serving a wild mushroom ravioli with this for dessert. The earthiness of the mushrooms with compliment the earthy flavor of the tea. I think it would also pair well with country food like poultry.

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What life drama would this dessert ease the pain of? If my car broke down, I would leave it where it was and get this dessert immediately.

Can you ever have too much whipped cream? In life, no. But if whipped cream were on this dessert, it wouldn’t have all the other flavors to it.

What are the most popular desserts on your menu? The coconut cake. If it’s not on the menu, I’ll get a call asking for it and when I tell them we don’t have it, they are so disappointed. We usually have eight to 10 desserts on the menu every day.



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