Curse you, Travis Bierwagen, and your inspired usage of zombies

2009-04-06T17:30:00Z Curse you, Travis Bierwagen, and your inspired usage of zombiesCathy The Billings Gazette
April 06, 2009 5:30 pm  • 

Mom always said ramen noodles would turn me into a zombie: Wet Ink Festival photography by Amanda Lackman

I was prepared to write a blog today on how the best piece at Venture Theatre's Wet Ink Festival was, well, mine, seeing as how I'm so talented and witty and whatever, but that was before Travis Bierwagen (clearly a reader of my posts) went and wrote a play about ramen noodle zombies, or, as I like to call them, "Rombies." It was my favorite piece because, well, it had zombies. But my play had assassins and an action figure! *Sighhh.* If only they'd been zombie assassins. Well, hindsight is 20-20.

Anyhow, in 24 hours, six brand new plays were performed for the lucky patrons of the Wet Ink Festival. Here's a rundown:

"Peanut's Guide to the Bible," by Gustavo "Gus (is easier to pronounce)" Belotta, directed by Dawn Carter, starring Adam Jacques, Sarah Holm and Kevin Schweigert. Mystery prop: A giant rubber ducky.

"The Adventures of Shank Across the 8th Dimension" by Craig "I'm from Bozeman" Kenworthy, directed by Wendy Kessler, starring Ben Botts, Wendy Kessler (talented actor and 5:01 reader Amber Meyer was set to star in it, but then she got in a car wreck. She's OK though!!), Dustin Principe and Rob Smith. Mystery prop: A lamp made from a tea kettle, or possibly a tea kettle made from a lamp.

"All Green on the Irish Front," by Ryan "Giving Cathy a Run for Best-Dressed Writer Title" Gage, directed by Jayme Green, starring Justin Choriki, Tori Goben, Tiffany Mella and Mal Tift. Mystery prop: Bottle caps.

"When Fork Met Cholera," by Erik "With a K" Johnson, directed by Daniel Zent, starring Jordan Fuhrer, Amanda Megyesi-McCave, Lauren Moreno and Patrick Wilson. Mystery prop: Video camera.

At least it ended with a death: Wet Ink Festival photography by Amanda Lackman

"Confessing in the Rain," by Cathy "Token Chick" Ulrich, directed by Wanda "Rocket (wow, that's random)" Rodriguez, starring the blondest cast ever, Alex "Bubba (because Cathy couldn't remember the name Alex)" Brinkman, Angela Fulkerson, Steven "Stop Calling Me Alex" Hrubes and guest-starring Jeff Goldblum as the aforementioned action figure. Mystery prop: Angela's Jeff Goldblum action figure.

"Enslaved in Seattle," by Travis "I Used Zombies" Bierwagen, directed by Chaslee Schweitzer, starring Julia Durkee, Dan Luhman, Alice Mol and Emily Spang. Mystery Prop: Cup Noodles.

Any 5:01-ers get a chance to see the plays? Gimme some feedback.

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