Foursight: First concert experiences

2014-04-11T06:00:00Z Foursight: First concert experiences The Billings Gazette

From first whiffs of pot smoke to seeing flying bras, our readers shared their first concert experiences with us on Facebook. To join in the conversation, go to or

Nathan Filz: "My first real concert was John Mellencamp at MetraPark. My mom, Karen Hanchar Filz, took me when I was 11. To this day I will never be able to thank her enough for sparking a passion for live music and rock and roll. I remember the entire show like it was yesterday. It was also the first time I had seen bras go flying through the air like they were projectiles!"

Julie Loveridge: "Aerosmith & Skid Row at MetraPark. Lost my shoes and my voice making sure I squeezed and pushed through the masses to get right up to the stage both sets so I could see Steven and Sebastian up close. Had a ball!"

Ron Schuster: "Chad and Jeremy at the Shrine (mid 60's I think ). Right here in the tragic city. They had British flags covering their amps. I thought that was pretty cool plus it was a good show."

Troy Evans: "ZZ Top — my brother and a friend took me. A girl was on a guy's shoulders in front of me. I could not see. So I bit her on the behind. We had to drop to the floor and crawl out to kept from getting beat by a group of angry guys. Fun times!"

Jim McRae: "1976 - Black Oak Arkansas. According to the Gazette, it was the second concert held at the Metra (after Johnny Cash). The acoustics were horrible; every song was a mash of guitar, drums, and keyboards and pretty much sounded the same (Metra's fault, not BOA). Someone from my hometown that I saw at the concert spread it around that I must have been smoking pot because my eyes were red, which they were and I guess technically, I did get lots of second-hand fumes."

Dina Brophy: "The Doobie Brothers! I was still in junior high and fairly sheltered, and this was my first exposure to *gasp* marijuana! I was pretty naive, as an Iowa farm girl, so seeing people openly passing around joints was shocking to say the least. However, I did notice that it didn't create the wacked-out, drug-crazed orgy that 'Reefer Madness' promised."

Sirena Secco: "Ozzy... And my dad had to go with us."

Susan Snedigar Bertl: "Weird Al Yankovic at the Metra with my brother, Mom and Dad. I was still in grade school. He was wearing black leather pants and put one leg behind his head while hopping around the stage singing. It made quite the impression."

Ryan Gage: "Aerosmith — Pump tour. Aerosmith was great, but Skid Row opened for them and Sebastian Bach mooned the crowd about 12 times. Could've easily done without that portion of enterntainment."

Liz Harding: "Donnie and Marie!!! Around 1977 so I was probably about six-years-old. The special guest-stars...The Osmond Family. Boy did I think that Jimmy Osmond (the youngest) was oh-so-cute!"

Doug Nagel: "Tony Orlando and Dawn at the Fairgrounds. I mostly remember "Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the Old Oak Tree."

Candy Connis Holzer: "Lobo at Rocky Mountain College back in 1973. It was so good and it was my first date with a boy I had a huge crush on. He held my hand."

Jean Albus: "The Grateful Dead in Portland, Oregon. It's memorable because somebody offered me a Tic Tac and I thought it was drugs."

Cory Olson Jaeger-Kenat: "Billy Squier and Loverboy intro. Went with a boy I distinctly did not like...because he had tickets. Shallow me most definitely owes him a drink today if I ever see him again."

Michael Ludlam: "Beach Boys Oct 26, 1980 at the Metra. They threw frisbees. I wanted one and I did not get one."

Amber Harris Leichner: "Mine was Pearl Jam in the summer of 1995 in Casper. Seana Avent-Sandridge and I got to skip out on a day of the Red Lodge music festival just to go to the show. I know Bad Religion was one of the openers, and we had nosebleed seats that didn't negatively affect the experience because it was so amazing to see one of my favorite bands at an arena concert. What I remember best is making my parents (who I'd somehow cajoled into driving from Billings to Red Lodge to Casper and back in one day) listen to a loop of every PJ album during the drive!"

Bob Durden: "First real date, circa 1977, Charlie Daniels Band and Black Oak Arkansas at the Metra."

Kiva Kust: "Def Leppard-SOLD OUT!"

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