Foursight: Road trips

2014-03-28T09:39:00Z Foursight: Road trips The Billings Gazette

For this week’s Foursight, we asked our Facebook friends to tell us about their favorite road trip. To join in the conversation, go to

Michael Hitchcock: “South Korea, 1989, from Seoul to Osan AFB via bus with David-Antonette Bulkley and Jesse Kooker. Leaving Yong-san Army base to eat weekend breakfasts at the Air Force cafeteria in Osan. The food was Soooo much better there!”

Jody Grant: “Montana to New York in my ‘83 Honda with my college roommate. I taught her to drive stick shift pulling out of an exit in South Dakota.”

Seana Avent-Sandridge: “1997 ( or was it ‘98?) Warped Tour to Boulder, Colo., with Amber Harris Leichner in Rich Famigehtti’s Bronco. Sleeping outside the venue the night before.”

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