Fireworks reverberate in New God's latest offering

2014-08-01T00:15:00Z Fireworks reverberate in New God's latest offeringBy CHRIS CIOFFI The Billings Gazette

New God


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After a family of skunks ran brothers Kenny and Curt Tompkins our of their recording space, they settled on an abandoned Baltimore racquetball court. And it’s a good thing those polecats made it happen.

For many bands, recording in such an unusual room may be a gimmick. But, for the Tompkins’ band, New God, it compliments their sound on their latest eight-song offering, “Firework.”

Their vocal harmonies benefit greatly from the natural reverb in the court and pair well with a steady beat and tambourine. The song rivals something concocted by the Beach Boys or Animal Collective.

After a few plays, listeners begin to understand the comically nonsensical lyrics as they float above the heavy percussion and washed out instrumentation.

”Riding a skateboard / all of the wheels / stuck in the front yard / I had a song / burning like a sun ray / out of my heart / down in America,” they sing.

Not all the songs follow that convention, displaying the brothers’ musical versatility.

On their song, “Summer Girl,” the musicians put their vocals front and center with fuzzy guitars, telling the mostly coherent story of a fling with a particularly lady.

”Oh my summer girl, Would you take my hand? / While we’re in the sun walking in the sand,” they sing.

The whole CD only runs about 37 minutes, but it’s enough to firmly plant that carefree feeling of summer.

So, for those headed to some sun-soaked locale to do some splishing and splashing, make sure to pack “Firework” along with the beach towel and sunscreen.

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