Foursight: Paying the piper

2014-07-11T00:30:00Z Foursight: Paying the piper The Billings Gazette

Much has been made of the recent $2 million sale of Bob Dylan’s handwritten lyrics to “Like a Rolling Stone.” What kind of memorabilia is worth $2 million to you?

Alan Gergen: “I have collected lots of sports & music memorabilia, art and antiques — but nothing out there I would drop that type of cash on!”

Josh Ritter: “With Bob, it would depend on the song. The idea is foreign to me but the concept to want to get as close as possible to a song, the geographic locus of where it was written, and to live in it for a while — I can understand that.”

Mihail Kennedy: “With that kind of money I could buy everything the Pogues ever did.”

Kiva Kust: “I would collect things similar to what the Hard Rock Cafe collects, outfits and instruments that are recognizable to fans.”

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