Jan. 12, 2003: City Lights: Aliens have alibis for Two Moon Park activity

2013-12-29T07:39:00Z Jan. 12, 2003: City Lights: Aliens have alibis for Two Moon Park activityBy ED KEMMICK City Lights The Billings Gazette
December 29, 2013 7:39 am  • 

The mysteries of Two Moon Park have been solved ... more or less.

When I wrote a story last week about how devil worshippers or space aliens might have had something to do with curious artifacts found in Two Moon Park, I was quickly set straight by Gazette readers.

The most compelling explanation concerned the origin of what I had described as a "corral-like enclosure'' that looked as though it might possibly have been used in connection with satanic rituals of some kind, conceivably.

Wednesday morning, the day the story was printed, I had barely sat down at my desk before hearing from Vicki Van Buskirk, owner of the Toucan Gallery on Montana Avenue. She said the so-called corral was actually a work of art created by Mark Zimmerer, and it was exhibited last August at the Toucan.

I wondered if Vicki had been taken over by one of those pod creatures I'd seen in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers,'' and whether I was being thrown off the scent by a very crafty extraterrestrial. But Vicki prevailed on me to look at photographs posted on her Web site, www.toucangallery.com, and sure enough, there was a photo of Zimmerer's untitled sculpture, made of cottonwood branches.

Left behind

So, how did it end up in Two Moon Park? Vicki said Zimmerer moved to Boise, Idaho, last fall, and not wanting to haul the bulky sculpture along, left it in Two Moon Park as a conversation piece, or perhaps as a trap for excitable reporters.

On the Toucan Web site, incidentally, Zimmerer is quoted as saying that the sculpture's cottonwood branches are "infused with a fungal growth.'' I believe I saw that term once on a menu: "braised shank of lamb infused with a fungal growth.'' I ordered pancakes.

I also got an earful concerning another Two Moon artifact: a plastic Spider-Man figure that I found (technically, it was discovered by my daughter, Pari) sitting atop a length of wood sticking out of an ancient washing machine.

I took a call from a serious-sounding man who said a 12-year-old boy, name of Harold, lost the Spider-Man figure during an outing in the park several weeks ago. He said he knew this was true because he was with Harold at the time. As for the tin foil and duct tape wrapped around Spider-Man's arms and legs, which I had mentioned in the article, the caller said Harold added those features himself, to give Spider-Man "invincible powers.''

OK, so maybe it had nothing to do with ETs or Satanists, but I'd like to know more about this young boy and his ability to endow plastic figures with invincible powers. Harold, give me a call.

Whence the wall?

Finally, and most provocatively, there is the question of a large stone wall on the downstream end of Two Moon Park. I may have gone out on a limb on this one, hinting rather strongly that the wall appeared to be the work of alien visitors.

I received phone calls and e-mails from seven or eight young people, two of them girls, who claimed to have helped build the wall or to know who did. And they were adamant in stating that no aliens — much less any devil worshippers — had any part in the construction.

Several of these young wall builders said I was a moron. One of them said he couldn't believe I'd print such BS without doing any research. Well, I'll have him know that my daughter and I made not one but two investigative jaunts through Two Moon Park in the course of developing our theories on demonic and/or alien intervention.

Although at least two of these callers spoke in the distant, drone-like tone one associates with people who have been possessed by space aliens, I am prepared to believe that human beings of local origin built the wall.

Besides, we have a fresh mystery to explain. One woman who frequents the park wrote in and said she's seen "the most perfect, beautiful rock circles'' there lately. "You find them closer to the river and in many different sizes,'' she continued. "They are there one day or for a week and then they are gone. I have found this to be curious.''

I'd say it's a lot more than curious. My daughter and I will be launching another investigation.

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