Wedding rings

Close-up of wedding rings


All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Kelsie Jo Grayson and Eric Wayne Staley, on Sept. 9

Jonna Eslabon Zaldivar and Ernest William Scott Sheets, on Sept. 26

Jennifer Lynn Dodson and Tyler Larsen West, on Sept. 23

Jessica Mae Wagner and Richard John Hurlocker, on Sept. 22

Sarah Ann Marie Sommerfeld and Jeffrey George Cruse, on Sept. 2

Shannon Mary Olderding and Kelsey Karl Berg, on Sept. 2

Cassandra Jolyn Simmons and Sean Edward Carney, on Sept. 16

Crystal Lee Girardo and Brandon John Vazquez, on Sept. 16

Elizabeth Joy Henderson and Clark Alan Vowell, on Sept. 9

Tammy Jo Rambin and Shane Mole Wismeyer, on Sept. 1

Sawyer Elizabeth B. Lyman and Lloyd Christian Tyler Walnof, on Sept. 3

Joseph Andrew Lahey and Lori Margaret Paulson, on Sept. 17

Haley Shanae Kuntz and Jeffery Lee Morales, on Sept. 2

Kathleen Mary Favero and Justin David Love, on Sept. 1

Jenna Marie Holland and Anthony Jacob Nardella, on Sept. 2

Heidi Jo Lombardozzi and Kevin Thomas Gerrells, on Sept. 16

Berta Ann Iron Shooter and Hans Christopher De Mello, on Sept. 29

Tammy Marie Wagenman and Kenneth Leslie Baird Jr., on Aug. 17

Marisa Jo Rentner and Tamara Elaine Serena, Sept. 7

Natalia Lynn Richardson and Darren Anthony Rogeness, on Sept. 16

Kristine Lee Eldridge and Jeffrey Pete Weber, on Aug. 5

Justina Marta Drapala and Timothy Andrew Kucerovy, on Aug. 18

Emily Anne Waters and Erik Sean Halland, on Aug. 26

Alicia Laine Barrett and Cole Michael Frey, on Aug. 31

Maria Renee Holliday and Michael Leo Kuntz, on Aug. 18

Miranda Nicole M. Broadhead and Matthew Scott Kocab, on Sept. 2

Katy Marie Hannah and Joseph Taylor Magnuson, on Sept. 9

Alexandra Elaine Ray and Loren Austin Graf, on Sept. 23

Elisha Blaire Couch and Trevor William Osborne, on Sept. 9

Anna Katherine Christofanelli and Peter Alexander Weber, on Aug. 26

Randee RaeLee Brown and Jesse David Wells, on Aug. 26

Tracy Leah Livingston and Alan Stewart Miller, on Sept. 14

Melissa Ann Yzaguirre and Rafael Eric Colunga, on Aug. 19

Natasha Hunter and Ashton Blayne Showalter, on Agu. 10

Jasmine Marie Allen and Shane Thomas Tyler, on Aug. 27

Alicia Marie Linder and Kevin Francis Red Star, on Sept. 2

Amie Lee Kenczka and Morgan Robert Chenoweth, on Sept. 16

Gwen L. Bryant and Chad w. Albrecht, on Sept. 16

Tierney Alexandra Duke and Jonathan Robert Junior, on Aug. 18

Lara Louise Kenyon and Odis James Harkins, on Sept. 2

Cassie Ann Wolfe and Scott Christian Zemke, on Sept. 16

Megan M. Couinard-Braden and Eric Raymond Poser, on Sept. 1

Jennifer Carol Gingery and Logan James Anderon, on Aug. 25

Jessica Pearl Weeding and Jordan David Stirling, on Aug. 26

Brandi Elann Riddle and Joshua Edward Bowen, on Aug. 26

Melissa Renae Utley and Justin Rudolph Ruegsegger, on Sept. 1

Barbara Jo Mettler and David Eugene Nortman, on Sept. 9

Cristin Bermas Caneta and Yuri Aleksyvich Abramov, on Sept. 7

Lacie Ray Hahn and Matthew Augustus Tucker, on Aug. 27

Paige Elizabeth Lawrence and Skyler Brown Best, on Sept. 16

Cipriana Maria Mullenberg and Kevin Vernet Wright, on Sept. 16

Jessica Ann Sharbono and Cody William Goosmann, on Sept. 16

Carly Joy James and Justin Hanley Bright Wings, on Aug. 26

Leah Marie Roble and Michael Zachary Kirk, on Sept. 2

Joy Marie Abrahamson and Robert Dale Hiaring, on Sept. 24

Erica Leigh Rice and Preston James Pierce, on Sept. 23

Erika Lynn Carrington and Brandon Robert Lewis, on Sept. 9

Lacey Lane Brown and Buster James Kern, on Sept. 22

Khanh Ngoc Dang and Benjamin James Downs, on Sept. 9

Naomi Eileen Jensen and Timothy Allen Specht, on Sept. 3

Christine Diane Flournoy and Steven Garrette Gibson, on Sept. 2

Erin Wynne Dear and Kasey Allen Smith, on Sept. 2

Bridget Leigh Braswell and Scott Michael Peeler, on Aug. 31

Layna Elizabeth Silh and Cody Edwin Charlton, on Sept. 8

Jenna Laree Holman and Brady Michael Frank, on Sept. 16

Karisa Lynn Baker and Dean Lawrence Boyington, on Sept. 1

Michelle Anne Hodges and Tyler Joseph Patenaude, on Sept. 2

Tammy Jean Gran and Ronald Clinton Adkins, on Sept. 1

Patricia Lou Bernhardt and James Leon Braaton, on Sept. 1

Jalorna Jo Weed and Robert Allen Jackson, on Sept. 10

Heather Kathleen McPhail and James Phillip Kaiser, on Sept. 16

Kathleen Elizabeth Angel and Nicholas Shea Hafla, on Sept. 5

Jaden Taylor Welsh and Nathan Scott Russell, on Sept. 5

Allyssa Rose Huck and Andrew Thomas McCreary, on Sept. 9

Jordan Paige Brown and Christopher Michael Kidd, on Sept. 16

Karli Dylane Bristow and Tyler James Rosteck, on Sept. 9

Wanda Kim Adams and Sammy Joe Van Dyke, on Sept. 23

Amanda Sue Lechner and Ford Thomas Sanderson III, on Sept. 9

Chaney Rae Tidwell and Cameron Nitko Little Light, on Sept. 9

Larissa Marie McRae and Michael Joseph Ameline, on Sept. 11

Kady Suzanne Coble and Tyler Raymond Brost, on Sept. 22

Sara Alice-Lyn Lauderdale and Brandon Tyler Wakefield, on Sept. 13

Carabeth Scheffelman and Istvan Paul Szajko-Rijo, on Sept. 14

Rachel Jane Combs and Jason Sylvester Nelson, on Sept. 13

Joanna Marie Marquez Robles and Joel M. Padilla, on Sept. 28

Samantha Mackenzie Kolb and Justin Beau George, on Sept. 14

Brittney Morgan Abbott and Ryan Anthony Arnold, on Sept. 16

Courtney Dawn Burns and Adam Patrick Breshears, on Sept. 16

Danyelle Rae White and Andrew Duane Torpy, on Sept. 23

Amanda Elizabeth Francis and Raymond Leon Kuhn, on Sept. 23

Chaselee Ewell and Anthony Richard Johnson, on Sept. 20

Amanda Michelle Gallo and Tyler Martin Giudice, on Sept. 20

Samantha Jolleen Jackson and John Anthony Lambert, on Sept. 20

Nichole Lyn Flotkoetter and Anthony Anzures Jr., on Sept. 29

Rachelle Alien Clark and Trevor John Swisse, on Sept. 27


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