Marriage licenses

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September 06, 2013 12:00 am

All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Chelsea Ann Althof and Garrett Allen O'Neil on July 20

Wendy Faye Brown and Eugene Tolton Burden on July 4

Brea Bergan Brownlee and Jordan William Frickle on June 29

Lillian Red Woman and Daniel Lee Big Man on July 5

Micah Marie Nelson and Michael Richard Kemper on July 5

Tara Marie Sebek and Brett Eugene McKee on July 13

Kathryn Luella Hicks and Milton Leo Strong on June 28

Sofia Gomez Lohrenz and Joshua Scott Anderson on June 22

Jennifer Brooke Gordon and Kelly Ray Dahlquist on July 11, in Gallatin County

Rebecca Ranee Hatfield and Matthew Zachary Thompson on July 5

Charlee Ann Melissa Osmond and Dillon David Rose on July 26

Wendi Nikole Turner and William Martin Haglan on June 7, in Stillwater County

Kori Nichole Johnson and Derek Jay McGillen on June 30, in Carbon County

Brittany Ann Johnson and Brenton Jeffrey Pimley on July 20

Misty Dawn Warner and David James Slade on July 6, in Wheatland County

Gina Marie Silvers and Nicholas John Hedberg on July 13, in Carbon County

Victoria Nicole Bogen and Kassey Leroy Brown on June 15

Andrea Liana Brinson and Douglas Ray Schoessler on June 22

Debra Marie Wilson and TJ Dennis Pulse on July 5

Callie Marie Freeman and Josey Dale Adams on June 8, in Missoula County

Jessica Lucinda Newhouse and Nicholas Dean Knickerbocker on June 29

Ashly Nicole Bruns and Kevin Paul Marsich on July 20

Lisa Marie Breitling and Brett David Lara on July 6

Shauna Marie Thelen and Cody Joe Lythgoe on June 28

Amanda Mary Sivak and Patrick Jacob Hertz on July 20

Christy Ann Meccage and Daniel Thomas Mates on July 14, in Carbon County

Tessa Cherie Cunneen adn Alexander Justin Berl on July 5

Casaundra Irene Davis and Darin Nolan DeVries on July 12

Sunni Skye Raup and Brandon Lee Dean on July 13

Joanna Jeanlois Orth and Justin Curtis Huckaby on June 29

Katherine Diane Welna and Thomas Alan Burke on June 29, in Carbon County

Jamie Diane Losey and Vincent Axil Tellini Salminen on June 22

Anna Rose Snapp and Joseph Matthew Lambert on June 15, in Carbon County

Tina Marie Anderson and Frederick Alan Kohler on June 22

Dixie Bisson Davis and David Theodore Ritz on June 29

Rebekah Susanna Hudson and Perry Walter Bell on July 6, in Carbon County

Candice Marie Bergum and Beau Stephen Malia on June 29

Colleen Kayla Bruce and Zachary Caleb Unruh on June 29, in Dawson County

Karen Tana LaSeur and John Randolph Watford on June 23

Megan Elyse Purcell and Travis John Jones on July 5, in Carbon County

Hannah Day Wilson and Ben Jacob Tougas on June 29

Corina Kaleen Dahlhausen and Darren Scott Gollehon on July 13

Sara Elise Johnson and Mark Stephen Solberg on June 29, in Carbon County

Lindsey Nicole Krug and Robert William Selman on June 29

Jessica Doris Ridgway and Nathan William Perius on June 29

Raven Virginia Cleveland and Michael Kenneth Card on July 13

Stacy Marie Tieb and Cory David Miller on June 28

Toshia Marie Ruff and Robert James Luptak on June 28

Kayla Jo Messner and Eli Jacob Jones on July 6

Lindsey Sue Belinak and Mitchel Myron Brown on July 6

Meghan Marie McDonald and Matthew Herman Dolphay on July 5, in Cascade County

Gina Charlene Davis and Joe Derrick Forsythe on June 22

Megan Katherine Stahl and Ryan Max Schaff on July 6

Amanda May Wacker and Steven Vito Thomas Happel on July 5, in Lewis & Clark County

Jessica Marie Wiles and David Nelson Allen on June 30, in Park County

Shelby Lynn Dalke and Ike John Shaw on June 29

Tara Michelle Mudgett and David Matthew Miller on July 27

Candice Mae Cherry and Joshua Aaron Davis on June 22, in Carbon County

Brittni Lun Vischer and Jonathan David Taylor on July 13, in Petroleum County

Amanda Leigh Vogl and David Andrew Tomlinson on June 30

Lisa Marie Hufnagel and Michael James McDaniel on June 29

Jaymie Lynn Nagy and Michael James Mitzel on July 13, in Glacier County

Jennifer Marilynn Omicioli and Jerimey Charles Burnside on July 6

Rachel Louise Hillyard and Brannen Haskell Holeman on June 29

Stephanie Ann Jones and Nathaniel Allan Neujahr on June 29, in Gallatin County

Anna Marie Maxwell and Thomas Christopher Feldman on June 21

Megan Nicole Reitz and Thomas Lee Mahlen Jr on June 28

Kelsey Emma Edgren and Brit Charlton Barnes on July 6, in Gallatin County

Elizabeth Pepper McCullough and Andrew Dale Wood on July 6

Paige Justine Helterbran and Daniel Greg Bealer on June 29

Shyla Barbara Hagerty and Joseph Noel Best on June 29

Jessica Solorio and Yehonatan Itzhak Vaknin on July 1

Oceana Angelic Seder and Shannon Lee Blake Jr on July 6

Justine Nicole Oblander and Caleb Allen Culver-Godfrey on July 12

Camilla Nicole Smith and Clayton Alan Nelson on June 29, in Stillwater County

Rachel Janna Fraser and Jordan Brand Cornelius on June 22, in Gallatin Countu

Jamie L Pasco and Darrell D Heupel on July 11

Elma Michelle Creek and Scott Richard Ellis on July 20

Megan Elizabeth Reed and Patirck Ian Rogers on June 29

Chelsi Kathleen Diedrich and Randon Lamar Podoll on July 20

Sierra Rae Keonig and Ryan Michael Donovan on July 12

Nancy Lynn Gollin and Lyndon Carson Singer on July 6

Michaela Jennifer Walen and Kyle Matthew Schuck on July 13

Jodi Lorraine Jones and Thomas Michael Pleumer on July 6

Cynthia Lynn Bott and Dennis Wayne Christiansen on July 7

Jessica Ann Speakerworth and Christopher Don Benson on June 29

Molly Megan Martwig and John David FitzPatrick on June 28

Britani Alyce Morton and William Robert Grundhauser on July 30

Brittany Ann Larson and Ryan Arthur Jore on July 6

Caitlin Elizabeth Brown and Tyler Lawrence Shanley on June 29

Sara E Arnold and Todd Randal Baier on July 27

Kendra Lee Knaff and Taylor John Canfield on June 29, in Broadwater County

Gladys Lucille Hodges and Earl J Bracha on July 13

Kaci Helen Beryl Wohlfeil and Jeremy Merrell Johnson on July 13

Clare Caitlin Wilson and Gregory John Welch on July 5

Briana Victoria Beer and Matthew James Berg on July 4

Sheila Ann Schieno and Richard Anthony Schieno on June 28

Keyleigh Marie Hamman and Ryan Patrick Hennessy on July 6

Lisa Michele Walters and Anthony Gerard Mankin on June 30, in Carbon County

Courtney Michelle DeBuff and Kirby Michael James Hubbs on July 6, in Park County

Kylie Ann Jimmerson and Tony Ross Marin III on June 28

Emily Marie Carroll and Ryan Christopher Froese on July 1, in Park County

Michelle Amber Rose Nelson and Oscar Dominguez II on July 3

JoAnn Claudette Brewer and Randy Allen Singer on July 4

Traci Lyn Briant and Richard Andrew Kagarise on July 6

Billie Jane Slone and Robert Allen Kline on July 5

Nickole Marie Elings and Nathan Scott Ellestad on July 2

Anna Marie Houk and Daniel Howard Walton on July 1

Devin Mae Lackner and Rusty James Ontiveros on July 13

Kendra Marie Tessman and Shawn David Claxton on July 2

Makayla Marie Moline and Christopher William Jolly on July 6, in Fergus County

Mary Jane Rivers and Robert Lynn Solie on July 20, in Stillwater County

Patricia Marie Udelhoven and Cody James Inabnit on July 20

Sabrina Marie Basta and Casey Scott Kittleson on July 3

Heather Nicole Strand and Curtis Jameson Takeshi Saito on July 6

Emily Lynn Turnquist and Charles Joseph Bostyan on July 13

Krista Marie Lux and George Allaire Howe Nimick on July 27

Julie Anne Hamrick and Casey Patrick Vaskey on July 13

Leesa Marie Myers and Jason Vincent Vossler on July 8

Kristyn Sara Johnerson and Dustin Wayne Lehman on July 27

Beth Michelle Lamphier and Jason Michael White on July 13

Cassandra Lee Kuehn and Logan Lee McKenney on July 20

Danyella Lynn Lambert and Layne Chad Tandeski on July 27

Lynea Marie Gerbasi and Mitchell Victor Wallace on July 13

Brooke Marie Berumen and Noah Nicholas Tibesar on July 28

Kayla Michelle Dalke and Scott William Smith on July 28

Anita Marie Wilson and Stanton James Price on July 13, in Carbon County

Jill Antonette Critelli and Adrian Joseph VanLaarhoven on July 28, in Carbon County

Christina Lyn Hazen and Asia Carl Soapes on July 13

Mary Elizabeth Strutz and Ryan Scott Lane on July 14, in Stillwater County

Anna Louise Fulton and Eric Karl-Heinz Sackmann on July 13

Connie Sue Evans and BJ Stanford Boothe on July 13

Marissa Jean Kirchner and Zakary Lee Shillington on July 12

Aurelia Dawn Lang and Craig Charles Benedict on July 25

Marnie Marie Bennett and Sylvester Kimbrough on July 19

Sharon Lee Winnett and Richard William Gilson on July 17

Lindy Jo Gilliland and Landon Dale Peterson on July 24

Elizabeth Renee Doll and Brandon Joseph Rau on July 20, in Fergus County

Leaette Arlene McCallister and Daniel Eldon Capehart on July 21

Michelle Lee Ahrens and Robert Dean Glumac on July 20

Katie Ann Henrichs and Brandon Shane Sam on July 20

Amanda Beth Platt and Mason Lee Scheibel on July 20

Jennifer Lynn Taylor and Paul Gene Beatty on July 19

Maria Rautio Tesia and Zachary Scott Gillam on July 20, in Silver Bow County

Dea Lenae Bauman and Colby Dee Riffel on July 19

Melissa Rose Mason and Joseph Dominic Hackmann on July 24 




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