All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Crystal Elaine Gurney and Ross Caleb Everett on April 9

Corinne Marie Wolff and James Franklin Nyquist on April 22

Samantha Lee Azure and Vance James Thompson Jr. on April 19

Megan Nicole McCann and Kristopher Robert Keys in April 8

Amber Elizabeth Wallace and Shaun Michael Hirschi on March 25

Lauren Marie Russell and Nathan Daniel Vandersloot on April 16

Susan Lynne Sherman and Scott Douglas Duprey on April 16

Kori Korrine Saltness and Michael Donovan Frank on April 9

Emily Lou Sievers and Joshua Ryan Popelka on April 2

Stacy Jo Adams and Jesse Wayne Seward on April 2

Vicki Arlene Hicks and Benjamin Hines Graves on April 2

Auguste Sarah Fain and Leon Stephen Goodell Jr. on April 1

Pamela Marie Athey and Russell Lawrence Holzheimer on April 7

Erin Elizabeth Stevens and Ryan Lee Sherman on April 1

Kathleen Ann Robinson and Patrick Sean Furrow on April 16

Morgan Marie West and Jason Brannigan Conley on April 23

Chantel Lynn Stank and Westin James Kern on April 23

Sierra Nicole Cromwell and Jake Walker Bacheller on April 23

Kelsey Lee Hall and Coty Lee Fulton on April 1

Nicole Hone and William James Williams on April 23, in Carbon County

Tawna Sharee O’Boyle and Daniel Lee Hugelen on March 30

Jamie Marie Smith and Douglas Paul Wright on April 17

Trudy Jeanne Gavin and Trevor Michael Edwards on April 22

Christine Ann Haslip and Derrick Alan Brandstrom on April 2

Anna Victoria Browder and Derrek Wayde Mason on April 7

Kacey Lynnann Purdon and Brandon Joseph Marquis on April 16, in Fergus County

Jessica Christina Larsen and Carl Michael Zyph on April 8

Bonnie Catherine Molen and Howard Grant McLean Jr. on April 2

Kayla Rae Peyton and Heather Jasmine Feller on April 21

Sara Marie Caufield and Curtis William Cortez on April 11

Brandi Elizabeth Granzella and Andrew Eugene Murray on April 6

Jennifer Marie Meza and Samuel Peyton Hall on April 2, in Carbon County

Valerie Christiane Harper and Ryan Nelson Lofgren on April 16

Michael Lee Buck and Brain Bertram Buchfink on April 1

Linn Sharlene Birdchief and Squire Preston Weasel Bear on April 1

Kelsey Louise Kelleher and Alexander Bjorn Erickson on April 10

Dana Marie Peterson and Neal Arnold Wood on April 7

Stevie Jean Curtiss and Tony Ross Marin III on April 5

Miranda Dionne Shanta and Derek Lawrence Gunn on April 6

Jessica Shay Simpson and James Quinn Maine on April 15

Tara Elaine Haman and Michael Kenneth Brester on April 16, in Carbon County

Whisper Dawn Anderson and Judd Eugene Normandy on April 16

Jodi Brea Young and James Everett Kamminga Jr. on April 12

Nicole Brooke Mathis and Lane Berend Folkers on April 27

Dawn Marie Davis and Nathan Oliver Hinebauch on April 13

Beth Alyssa Wardell and Garrett Jack Bond in April 16

Angela Nicole Houlihan and Terry D. Harper on April 18

Keiko Chiba and Christopher Edward Meredith in April 15

Michelle Emmalie Bach and Brock P Monroe on April 22

Terry Lou Nunes and Curtis Anthony Schatz in April 24

Sarah Elizabeth Long and Derek Alexander Van Bemmel on April 23

April Debre Gonzalez and Nicholas Anthony Barnes on April 20

Adria Ann Riggles and Kirtus R. Pittman on April 20

Kathleen Mabel Porter and Barry Glenn Brock on April 20

Mackenzie Nicole Powell and Joshua Austin Zier on April 23

Nancy Angeline Peltier and Lavern Ray Birdtail in April 21

Hanna Joy Brown and Joshua Alon Monson on April 26


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