All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Carrie Marie Taylordamon and Mikel Stetson on Oct. 15

Angel Marie Webster and Justus Patrick Keele on Oct. 15

Taylor Lynn Gottula and Alexander Curtis Muessig on Sept. 30

Hannah Eve Hurd and Shawn Michael Heck on Sept. 24

Gayla Ann Laird and Robert Boyd Cotner Jr. on Oct. 1

Morgan Ann Bidlake and Tyler Cameron Briceno on Oct. 1

Megan Lee Korf and Michael Benjamin Senn on Sept. 17

Brittany Nichole Hyde and Richard Leroy Bennis on Oct. 7

Joy Marie Amann and Taylor A. Moses on Oct. 1

Emily Elizabeth Palmer and Drew Robert McClure on Oct. 8

Shari Katherine Scribner and Cole James Reinhardt on Oct. 7

Naomi Elise Dill and Johnathan Michael Houtz on Oct. 2

Stephanie Elaine Hogemark and Alan Robyn Gray on Sept. 30

Catherine JoAnn Olson and Thomas Blaine Frank on Oct. 8

Rachel Elizabeth Tippets and Samuel Thomas Ensign on Sept. 17

Cydney Jade Soderquist and Ian Taylor Hulsey on Oct. 8

Lauren Nicole Henry and Jaret Leonard Christensen on Oct. 15

Ashle Ann Duke and Trenton Charles Semmens on Sept. 24

Noriko Gima Bennett and Mark Stephen Schweigert on Oct. 1

Tymber Skye States and Jacob Thomas Mackenzie on Oct. 14

Lisa Jean Gaughen and Andrew Alan Elsberry on Sept. 30

Anne Katherine Krise and Tyler Randle Bokma on Oct. 22

Cassidy Beth Gamsby and Philip Jon Bjerken on Oct. 15

Stacey Devon Terrell and Taner Jonathan Sorge on Oct. 1

Tabatha Ruby Kennedy and Jesse Deric Turner on Oct. 8

Jamie Lee Holland and Joshua Michael Ray on Sept. 11

Kristen Ann Husar and Bradley Allen Parker on Oct. 28

Savannah Alexandria Gibson and Ronald Colton Phillipson on Sept. 13

Walker Nikole Blythe and Benjamin Meyer Lee on Oct. 1

Alexandria Louise Calton Faught and Nathan Douglas Sandford Wright on Oct. 1

Arlynda Jo Schmitt and Duane Arthur Schultz on Oct. 1

Dawn Marie Howard and Olaf Dvin Hedstrom on Oct. 1

Alyssa Joy Hall and Konner Orran Voeltz on Oct. 1

Carly Nicole Green and Timothy Robert Mann on Sept. 24

Heather Ann Weenum and Erik Scott Gentry on Sept. 24

Charlee Anna Osborne and Tyler Jayce Mack on Oct. 1

Amanda Ann George and Dustin Lee Flynn on Sept. 30

Georganna Nicole Covington and Taylor Jake Dees on Oct. 8

Megan Elizabeth Blanco and Kamran Hamavard

Candace Marie Riley and Cedric Odell Raine on Sept. 23

Eve Allen Mann and Austin Thomas Harris on Oct. 8

Rebecca Marie Toney and Richard Allan Brown on Oct. 23

Brooke Noel Trangmoe and Joe Eugene Kragt on Oct. 15

Linsey Allison Carroll and Buckley Bryan Reynolds on Oct. 1

Samantha Marie Nyquist and Ryan James Goodburn on Oct. 1

Molly Katherine Noyes and Louis John Reseland on Oct. 1

Dorene May Sommerfelt and James Alan Sommerfelt on Oct. 28

Keisha Ren Bice Baumgartner and Brett Wesley Olson on Oct. 16

Joetta Marie Lorenz and Christopher Chaffin Anderson on Oct. 22

Shaylene Marie Grace Oberg and Christopher Robert Hansen on Oct. 8

Kara Lynn Jordan and Michael Lee Fabiani on Oct. 3

Rose-Ann D. Sheets and Cortny Alexis Elsie Fuller on Oct. 5

Kelsy Jordan Strever and Kevin Douglas Williams on Oct. 8

Amber Grace Wiebe and Eric John Gerth on Oct. 15

Terryn Jade Ten Bear and Sarya Rose Ard on Oct. 5

Cora Lea Twing and Robert Lee Rawhouser on Oct. 6

Carmen Delanna Barryhill and Donald Pasquale D’Ambrosio on Oct. 13

Katelyn Ashlee Lauren Koehn and Ruben Santos Rodriguez on Oct. 7

Satabra Lynn MacDonald and Boe Jack Meredith on Oct. 15

Elena Guadalupe Estrada and Allie Roy Bird In Ground on Oct. 11

Brandi May Lyons and Nathan Daniel Moler on Oct. 28

Wendy Irene Gould and Mohamed Oukazza on Oct. 12

Elise Marie Murray and Lester Alvin Plotner III on Oct. 22

Kelsey Diane Gentleman and Anthony Michael Kuntz on Oct. 13

Clare Elizabeth Petit and Chantel Nicole Pech on Oct. 13

Chesa JoLynn Nomee and Miranda Miya Pettey on Oct. 13

Maranda Ivy Warren and Christian Paul Massie on Oct. 15

Roylene Harriet Daniels and Terrill Dean Schiesser on Oct. 14

Amanda Leigh Hanzlik and Brandon James Hoskins on Oct. 14

Rachel Alise Raisl and Darrell Robert Smith Jr. on Oct. 20

Carlie Jo Rovai and Keaton Nathaniel Adams on Oct. 18

Kimberly Aileen August and William Douglas Gibbs on Oct. 21

Bambi Sue Tomlin and David Vance Taylor on Oct. 20

Letichia Marie Sepulveda and Paul Allen Martin on Oct. 24

April Kristina Bauwens and Michael Shawn Webb on Oct. 25

Ibet Saida Nava-Hernandez and Isaac Henry Lieb on Oct. 26


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