Wedding rings

Close-up of wedding rings


All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County.

Alyssa Marita Elk Shoulder and Michael Dennis Parker on Oct. 25, 2014

Jessi Michael Roberts and Gaylen Daniel Monsen on March 6

Samantha Dawn Balcom and Chad Donald Hull on Feb. 28

Christy Rae Schaeffer and Daron LeRoy Linner on Feb. 25

Rachel Lee Jaworski and Henry Trahern Bennett on March 12

Christina Mary Tarani and Shawn Tyler Braunagel on March 22

Darby Jane Mertz and Robert John Patrick Lewis-Walker on March 14

Kerry Karletta Shrauger and Robert Edwin Day on March 17

Ravin Rebecca Frickel and Andrew James Hansen on Feb. 25

Amanda Chandel Allred and Cole Clifton Bennion on March 4

Linda Ann McVay and Ronald Mark Ronish on March 18

Andrea Michelle Williams and Ira Clifton Merback III on Feb. 25

Aspen Ann Taylor and Keenan Gideon Messmer on Feb. 24

Irene Mireille Atse and Didier F. Ndedi on March 3

Cicely Carmane Johnson and Dyrel Dewayne Jacob on Feb. 25

Camille Louise Walton and Taylor Austin Russell on March 4

Destiny Jill Anderson and Lessa Jean Watson on Feb. 17

Shelley Renee Barnes and Bret Barnes on March 3

Caitlin Marie Smith and Brett Aaron Oakland on March 20

Rayeen Marie Burnett and Bryce Dylan Wilson on Feb. 28

Phyllis Jane Allen and Michael William Jones on March 11

Kendall Leigh Jolliff and Eli Nash McCord on March 1

Gina Marie Miller and Fontella Dawn Clincher on March 2

Roishell Elizabeth St. Dennis and Bridgette Marie Black Crow on March 2

Wendy Jean Bauer and Sharon Lee Christiansen on March 2

Shelly Jean Teal and Jimmy Elvin Howell Jr. on March 3

Samantha Rae Whitmore and Zachary Mark Paddock on March 17

Brittany Jean Richmond and Riley James Flatt on March 6

Zahra Fakhar and William Paul Sindle on March 10

Sarah Katherine Weaver and Sterling James Laudon on March 18

Michelle Rae Kennedy and Joshua Stanley Roberts on March 6

Shaina Noel Wilson and Stephan Matthew Van Tassel on March 10

Melissa Ann Sanchez and Zackery Acken Yost on March 25

Shauna Marie Dolly and Jeremy Michael Bentley on March 16

Ton Jessica Van Vallis and Timothy Dean Knight on March 9

Korinne Deanna Wilkerson and David Chen Shoemaker on March 17

Yanrong Liang and John Victor Lamontagne on March 10

Sara Marie Elaina Allen and Michael David Mantey on March 17

Kristin Nichole Sherwood and Michael Andrew Jones on March 13

Lealyn Ruiz Pacuan and Andy James Larson on March 14

Tina Marie Greybull and Steven Alexander Gentry on March 16

Kataraina Leigh McColley and Doron Ishbi on March 23

Emma Rose Petersen and Torstein Calvin Collett on March 18

Jessica Leah Bohaty and Luke Michael Vetch on March 25

Carol Doralynn Ramirez and Randy Lee Gutierrez on March 20

Maribel Trujillo Ramirez and Ryon Eugene Bohnet on March 21

Bethany Rose Honcoop and Angelica Marie Jones on March 21

Meghan Brown McBane and Daniel Thomas Dehaas on March 24

Lori Ann Dailey and Westley Keith Fuchs on March 25

Darci Marie Hiwalker and William Dale Springfield on March 27

Ashley Michelle Schickel and Victor Anthony Adams on March 27

Lois Yvonne Parker and Ernest Nels Stober Jr. on March 28

Jeannette Monica Bell and Joshua David Falls Down on March 30


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