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March 25, 2009 11:00 pm

LODGE GRASS - Rashawnna "Shi-Shi" He Does It, of Lodge Grass, went to be with the Lord on March 23, 2009, at the St. Vincent Hospital in Billings. Her Indian name, BÃ-awakusse Kussiikaash "Looks toward the Spring Time" was given to her by Angela Russell, her clan aunt. Shi was born on Oct.7, 1997, to Shannon Howe and Robert "Sargie" He Does It. Shi was surrounded by her family and friends, when she passed from her long battle with leukemia. She belongs to the Big Lodge clan and a child of the Greasy Mouth, also a member of the Our Lady of Loretto Catholic Church in Lodge Grass and the Baptist Church in Wyola. She is a descendant of Chief Pretty Eagle and Spotted Horse. She currently attended Lodge Grass Elementary as a fourth grade student and also attended Sandstone Elementary in Billings for a short time as third grader. She enjoyed being a mother to all her cousins and siblings. Shi loved to sing, color, read the bible, ride horses, play basketball, baby-sit, cook and loved to fight with her siblings and cousins, one of her trademarks. Rashawnna Red Star carried her namesake. She received her first communion while she was at St. Vincent Hospital by Father Jim Antoine.

Her sister, Chezrae He Does It; maternal grandmother, Marilyn Stewart; paternal grandparents, Rosalie (Benny) Grey Bull-Hill and Clinton He Does It; and her great-grandparents, Francis and Cerise Hogan-Stewart, Mary Passes-Grey Bull and Raymond Howe Sr., preceded Shi in death.

Survivors include her parents, Shannon (John Holds) Howe and Robert "Sargie" (Jennifer) He Does It; her adopted parents, Kim and Natalie Stewart-Cauliflower; her siblings, Francesca "Hope" Nehemiah "Miah" Keaunna, the twins Daniel Clint and Maggie Mae, her baby sister Christiana, Autumn and Sharla Jefferson; her favorite nieces and nephews, Daien and Tyan Bear Don't Walk, Isaiah, Courtney and Harper Howe, Terry, Sossity and Kayden Shoulderblade, Skylar Real Bird, Mikalya, Tavian and Tysa Jefferson, Chance Jr., Kylen and Saellah Hugs, Sami Jo and Colton Birdinground; adopted sisters Jolyn Pretty Man, Holly Plenty Hawk, Roselyn Red Horse, Aubrianna Bear Claw, Kiomy Small, Tia Old Chief, Cheryl Robinson, Chantina Big Man, Velma Springfield, Angel, Whitney and Terri Jo Bird In Ground, Amaya and Nevaeh Big Lake, Lashon Back Bone, Shelby Springfield and Renie Brown; her adopted brothers Sgt. Joshua F. Stewart, Aspen Brugh, Wilson and Romey Birdinground, Kirk Chief, John and Leroy Takes Horse, Tyrell Big Lake, Joey Springfield, Jordan and Iverson Big Lake, Payden and Hilario Stewart; her aunts and uncles Keisha (Keith) Shoulderblade, Orlene and Tiffany Howe, Anita He Does It, Verena (Victor Jr.) Dust, Claudia Dawes, Melinda, Patsy, Lewellyn (Maureen) and Claude (Bernadette) Dawes, Vera (Myers) and Alfredean (Eddie) Brien, Sara ( Clyde) Red Woman, Laura (Mike) Bear Claw, Audrey and Dawn Plenty Hoops, Amberly (Mike) Jefferson, Kelsey Hugs, Sheri Edgar, Kristin, Tia and Cerissa Stewart, Paula and Owena Spotted Horse, Amber Bright Wings, Valerie Falls Down, Mitchleen (Allison) Birdinground, Leroy (Bethyana) Takes Horse, Nita (Amos) Brown, Bekki (Albert) Gros Ventre, Frederica Left Hand, Roy Ann (Kendall) Left Hand, Justin and Dusty Howe, Wesley Jefferson, Chance Sr. and Morgan Hugs, David Blaine, Brandon and Mandale Spotted Horse, Chad (Angel) Plenty Hoops, Allen Robinson, Terrence Springfield, Shawn, Donald and Joshua J. Stewart, Harold, Larry and Todd Big Lake, Freeman (June), Jess (Britney) and Daphne Bends, Shawndae (Ashley) Old Elk, Rachel Don't Mix, Herschel Hill Jr., Joe, Taylor and Nathaniel He Does It; grandparents Regina Spotted Horse-Stewart, Marvin (Luanna) Stewart, Etheline (Don) Dreamer, Bethann (Willis) Medicine Horse, Brenda and Laura He Does It, Wilma (Gary) Stewart, Cora (Alfred) Teeth, Honeybun (Curtis) Medicine Horse, Myra Gros Ventre, Beverly (Dennis) Huber, Alma Grey Bull, Billy (Lovey) Back Bone, Latonna (Sharone) Old Elk, Peter (Marella) Grey Bull, Larry (Pearl) Tobacco, Helen Old Coyote, Sargie (Carol) Howe, Gwen (Marvin) Falls Down, Vickie Howe, Alice Mae Tobacco, Josie (Ben) Stands, Carol White Clay, Ramona Pease-Howe, Barry (Rogene) Howe, Margaret Zier-Howe, David Stewart, Pearl Hogan, Agnes (Anthony) Left Hand, Cyrus Gros Ventre, Mary Helen (Alex) Medicine Horse and Francis Springfield; great aunts and uncles Beth Howe, Debbie (Harold) Back Bone, Janice (Henry) Speelman, Mary (Steve) Mullenberg, Crawford Reed, Freeman (June) Bends, Barbara (Darryl) Bright Wings, Marilyn (Curtis) Morning, Theo (Jim) Ward, Mamie (Corky) Yellowtail, Jacinta (Chris) Good Luck, Karen, Jolene, Abigail, Theresa, Cornelia, Albert Willis Medicine Horse III, Rita Half, Safara (Jimmy) Big Lake, Rosie (Byron) Bends, Johnny (DrewAnn) Stewart, Leroy and Kerry Stewart, Cheri Real Bird, Phylene Big Man, Claudia (Tim) Bernardis, Phyllis Spotted Horse, Carolyn (Leon) Pretty Weasel, Paulette (Terry) Bird in Ground, Oliver (Claudia) and Paul Jr. (Roberta) Spotted Horse, Loretta (Walter) Stewart Jr., Delauria and Leitha Spotted Horse, Twila (Howard) Old Chief, Amy (Thomas) Yellowtail, Julane and Shannon Old Elk, Theresa Plenty Hoops, Gary (Barbara) Gardner, Rebecca Buffalo, Rachel (Fred) Beatty, Verna (Red) Koch, Tyrone (Susan), Hugo (Karen), Tom (Cheryl), Joe (Donna), Richard (Jolene), Vernon (Jolene) White Clay, Alfredine (Eddie) and Vera (Myers) Brien, Sara (Clyde) Red Woman, Everette (Kimmy) and Alfred (Roberta) Walks, Jennifer (Bruce) White, Jr., Claudia, Rebecca, Kathleen, Ronald and Leon Flatmouth, Verna (Victor) Dust, Jr., Claude (Bernadette), Lewelyn (Maureen), Melinda and Patsy Dawes, Vicky (Greg) Hogan, Sr., Wesley Jefferson, Jr., Wyla (Bugsy) Bad Bear, Maggie (Harry) Rock Above and Hershel Hill, Sr.

Her extended family include the Howe, Plenty Hoops, Stewart, Red Wolf, Little Nest, Spotted Horse, Pease, Hogan, Yellowtail, He Does It, Back Bone, Grey Bull, Passes, Tobacco, Don't Mix, Whiteman Runs Him and Small families. If we have missed anyone, please forgive us; we have a large family. The family would like to thank Dr. Kelker, Sarah Blackburn, Cory, Mandy, Kara, Erin, Stacey, Bryanna of St. Vincent's Hospital for all their support.

Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. Saturday, March 28, in the Lodge Grass School Gymnasium. Interment will follow in the Lodge Grass Cemetery. Bullis Mortuary of Hardin has been entrusted with the arrangements.

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