Mitch Petty battles an ostensibly innocent foe.

Chocolate fingerprints, skulking dust bunnies and general cabinet filth are his adversaries — items Old Mother Hubbard wants nowhere near her cupboard.

And while seemingly benign, buildup like this left unattended can add years to your kitchen cabinets.

Is it time yours had a face-lift?

Tune-up today

For a fee, Petty comes into your home and basically details your kitchen, removing grease, buildup and grime. Part of this "Tune-up" service also includes repairing small scratches and scrapes your cabinets have sustained through the years.

"I enjoy seeing the transformation from beginning to end," Petty said. "It's gratifying for me and my customers."

The process begins by Petty reconditioning the wood. He separates, then removes, the build-up (dirt, grease, wax, smoke and dust) from the wood's original finish. Then, he touches up and blends the areas where color may have faded and applies a special colorant.

Adoring re-dooring

If your kitchen cabinet doors put the "ugh oh" in retro, they may need more updating than just a detailing job.

"Another part of my service includes re-dooring your cabinets, which allows you to really update the style of your kitchen," Petty said.

To redoor your kitchen cabinets, Petty replaces doors and drawer fronts with new ones in your choice of style that is color-matched to blend with your existing cabinet boxes. He then replaces your hinges and offers a wide variety of new pulls and knobs to complete the look.

With regard to material, Petty said his customers have been partial to maple, alder and hickory. In addition to these wood types, Kitchen Tune-up also carries more exotic types like birds-eye maple.

Right for refacing

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Cabinet refacing enables you to revitalize your kitchen with new doors, drawer fronts and matching veneer, while keeping your existing cabinet boxes.

"For all intensive purposes, it will look like brand new cabinets," Petty said. "This creates a sort of new kitchen look without the new kitchen price tag."

And speaking of price tags, Petty said he strives to provide service options at a variety of price points.

"We offer solutions to fit just about anyone's budget," he said.

For more information or to reach Petty, call 252-4021. Spring time is often Petty's busiest season, but he said he can typically promise a three to four-day turnaround on most refacing jobs.

"The best part for most customers is that they retain the use of their kitchen at the end of each day," Petty said.

He cleans up and comes back to finish the next day.


Also synonymous with spring time is spring cleaning, and if you find yourself without the time or desire to tackle the dust bunnies on your own, help is available.
Purple Cactus Maid Services in Billings provides in-home comprehensive cleaning from the baseboards to the light fixtures and everything in between.
"This is the perfect time of year to give your home that whole-house clean," said Eileen Fox, owner of Purple Cactus.
Maids work by the hour in teams of two to spiff up your home. One tip Fox had: If you only want to pay for a few hours of service, make a cleaning "wish list" so the team can prioritize accordingly.
Fox said her business serves several repeat customers and is also available to be hired for one-time cleans. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 248-3866.