YouTube videos evidence of tourons' arrival in Yellowstone

2011-07-06T07:30:00Z 2011-07-07T07:40:05Z YouTube videos evidence of tourons' arrival in Yellowstone The Billings Gazette
July 06, 2011 7:30 am

The touron season has started in Yellowstone National Park. (For those who don't know, a touron is a tourist who is a moron.)

Proof of their entrance into the park can be found on YouTube. A reader sent me links to two posted videos, one showing a man right next to a bison taking photos and the other of a couple of tourons hiking across the scorched, thin crust of a geyser basin with shots into geothermal features.

These idiots survived, luckily, but could easily have been injured or killed. The National Park Service is prolific in its warning to visitors to stay away from wildlife and out of geothermal areas, yet these nincompoops thought they were above the law. 

Rangers can't be everywhere to enforce the rules, but apparently YouTube-posting videographers can. Too bad they didn't photograph the offenders' license plates so the Park Service could follow up with some fines.

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