Outdoors just for kids: Some spiders are fishy

2014-07-17T00:00:00Z Outdoors just for kids: Some spiders are fishy The Billings Gazette

Spiders can be kind of creepy. They can rappel down on those tiny silk threads and land on your head. In the woods, I hate walking through their webs. They are so sticky.

Although most spiders eat insects, catching them in their sticky webs, there are also spiders that eat fish. They actually make little hooks that they tie onto their silk and bait it with caterpillars. I’m joking.

But there are spiders that live on the water. They can swim, dive and even walk on the water’s surface. Sometimes they catch fish, even ones bigger than them. They use poisons to kill the fish.

Scientists have found spiders that eat fish on every continent except Antarctica, which is too cold. In North America, fish-eating spiders are found in wet places like Florida’s swamps. As many as eight different spider families have a fish-catching species.

So the next time you go fishing and bump into a spider, you might ask if it has any good fishing stories to tell you. I’m sure that, like all anglers, the fish gets bigger and bigger the more times they tell the story.

— Brett French,

Gazette Outdoors editor

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Brett French

Outdoors editor for the Billings Gazette.

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