A man who admitted to selling meth and stolen guns is facing charges after impersonating a Drug Enforcement Administration agent, according to charging documents.

Justin Curtis Huckaby, 35, pleaded not guilty to impersonation of a public servant and criminal possession of dangerous drugs, both felonies, in Yellowstone County District Court on Monday. Judge Russell Fagg set bond at $50,000 and required GPS monitoring if Huckaby posts bond.

Huckaby pulled a gun on an acquaintance on July 17, charges state. The acquaintance, a man, had seen Huckaby driving and began following him. The man told investigators he was trying to confront Huckaby about rumors that Huckaby had paperwork showing the man was working with the DEA. The man told investigators he had bought meth from Huckaby in the past but was trying to get clean, and that it could put him in danger if people believed that he was working with law enforcement.

Huckaby saw the acquaintance driving behind him and pulled over near South Park, as did the acquaintance. Huckaby got out of his car wearing a black tactical vest with a holstered gun, as well as a thigh holster and calf holster, both holding guns. Huckaby pointed one of the guns at the man and told him to “Back up, back up.”

The man told Huckaby to pull the trigger, and then Huckaby got in his car and drove away, charges state. Huckaby then called the man a half hour later and asked him to meet. The man agreed, still worried that the rumors about him could jeopardize his safety, charges state.

When they met at a casino, Huckaby jumped out of his car, still wearing the vest and guns, and began yelling that he was a DEA agent and the man was messing up his investigation. Huckaby said he was the one who’d put a mutual acquaintance in jail and was going to bust another person and her drug sources as well.

When a police officer later found Huckaby parked at a motel parking lot and searched his truck, he found meth, a semi-automatic pistol, magazines and ammunition.

In an interview later with a detective, Huckaby said he’d gotten involved with people dealing meth three months earlier and had helped them transport and sell the drug, also using it himself. He said he’d transported two to four pounds of meth into Billings.

Huckaby also told the detective he had sold three guns he knew were stolen.

Huckaby has previous felony theft charges from Los Angeles, and a criminal history in Alabama and Florida as well, prosecutors said in court Monday.


Justice Reporter

Justice reporter for the Billings Gazette.