A Lockwood man has been arrested in the death of an infant he was babysitting in late June and will be charged with deliberate homicide.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Jason Allen Badger, born in 1986, on Thursday and booked him on $100,000 bond. He has not yet been scheduled for an initial court appearance.

Badger was babysitting the 6-month-old on June 29. He gave differing accounts to investigators of what happened, initially saying he was bouncing the child on his knee when the child threw himself off. Badger was able to catch him, he first told investigators, which he said explained the child’s bruises on the arms.

In a subsequent interview Badger became emotional and said that he dropped the child and the child had bounced. Badger later noticed the child’s labored breathing. He told investigators in an interview that he was “stressed because, ‘I know I caused it.’”

An autopsy showed more extensive injuries, including multiple blunt force trauma to the child’s head, retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes, and genital and ear infections. The medical examiner told detectives the child’s injuries were not likely caused by “an innocent fall from an adult, but rather would likely have been caused by more force such as a slam onto a soft covering.” The medical examiner made clear the findings were preliminary.

A sheriff’s detective who was present for the autopsy noticed bruises on the child’s face, arms, shoulders and leg.


Public safety reporter for the Billings Gazette.