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A Billings man has been charged with attacking another man with a machete during a meth deal on Saturday.

Peter Jon Hallberg, 49, faces two counts of assault with a weapon and one count of drug possession, all felonies. In Yellowstone County Justice Court on Monday, Justice of the Peace David Carter set bond at $50,000 and required GPS monitoring should Hallberg be released.

Hallberg knocked on the door of an acquaintance on Saturday on the 100 block of Washington Street, the men who lived in the apartment told police. When they saw who it was, one of the men told his roommate to “deal with it,” charges state.

The roommate went outside, he told police, and after a few moments Hallberg attacked him. The man inside came out and found Hallberg on top of the roommate. He told Hallberg to get off, and then had to run because Hallberg came at him with a machete, he told police.

The two roommates were able to lock themselves inside the apartment and call police. The roommate’s hand was cut through the bone and a cut to his head required staples, charges state.

While questioning Hallberg, officers were given consent to search his car and found a small bag of powder that field-tested positive for meth.

Hallberg initially told police he hadn’t left his home during the time the two men said he attacked them. In a second statement to police, Hallberg said the two men had joined a third in assaulting him.

He said he’d been at the men’s apartment in order to buy meth when one of the men attacked him with a knife. Hallberg gained control of the knife, fought back and left, he said, taking with him a small baggie of meth.



Justice Reporter

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