A man who used a machete to attack another man in July 2015 was convicted Wednesday of assault with a weapon.

After a two-day trial, 49-year-old Alfred John Abella was convicted of one count of assault with a weapon. His sentencing is scheduled for June 12 before Yellowstone County District Court Judge Gregory Todd.

Abella went to trial on this charge in December, but when he did not appear for the second day of trial, the jury was sent home.

After Abella’s trial was scheduled, Todd told him the court had been “greatly inconvenienced” by his actions

Abella was charged with bail jumping for his failure to appear for trial. That case is still pending.

Abella used a machete to attack a man at about 2 a.m. on July 4, 2015, near the 1400 block of Bench Boulevard.

According to court documents, Abella believed the man was sleeping with his girlfriend. A week prior, Abella attacked the man, using a long-handled ax, leaving a large bruise on the man’s shoulder.

Abella found the man again at the residence on Bench Boulevard about a week later. Abella showed up with a large machete, pried his way into the residence and swung the machete at the other man while the man grabbed a hammer to defend himself. The man put his left arm up to protect himself. The machete took a chunk out of his arm, and it started to gush blood, according to court documents.

Abella stopped attacking at this point, helping the man to the sink before leaving.

The man needed multiple surgeries to reattach his left forearm. The machete cut through his tendons, blood vessels and a small bone in his arm. Abella was arrested after the man and another witness picked him out of a photo line-up, according to court documents.