Law enforcement responded to a suspected shooting on Billings' South Side on Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses told police that two men got into an argument with a third man near a house, possibly in a backyard, on the 300 block of South 28th Street, said Billings Police Sgt. Shane Winden. Multiple witnesses said they thought they heard gunshots.

Police were told by witnesses that five to six shots might have been fired toward one of the men but that it did not appear he was hit, said BPD Sgt. Matt Lennick.

The man who may have been the target of the shooting left the scene and police were still looking for information on possible suspects, Lennick said. 

A search of the area where the shooting reportedly occurred did not turn up shell casings or other evidence helpful to police in determining what may have happened, according to Lennick. 

No one was immediately reported injured, and police are searching for the three men thought to be involved in the incident.