Crime scene

Three days after an officer-involved shooting at the Lazy K-T Motel, police responded to another report there and ended up wrestling a man on the ground and punching him when a stun gun didn’t work.

Christopher Darius Larsen, 35, appeared on felony theft and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a peace officer in Yellowstone County Justice Court on Monday. According to charges, Larsen was in a stolen vehicle parked at the motel on Saturday.

A motel employee had called police when he saw two men changing the license plates of the black Cadillac sedan. The men left and returned in the car several times, the employee said. The Cadillac was not registered with the motel’s guest list.

When officers approached the car and asked Larsen to get out, he shut the door and began reaching toward the center console, charges state. Larsen did not comply with other requests to get out of the vehicle and kept reaching for something inside, charges state.

An officer then opened the door and tried to pull Larsen out. Larsen resisted, trying to crawl under a nearby parked car. In the ensuing struggle, officers attempted to use a stun gun on Larsen and punched him five or six times when the stun gun did not subdue the suspect. At least two officers were involved.

The Cadillac was reported stolen on Oct. 17. The license plate on the car is registered to a Subaru.


Justice Reporter

Justice reporter for the Billings Gazette.