Nearly two years after 38-year-old Jeffery Hewitt's dismembered body was found on the side of Pryor Road, two siblings have pleaded not guilty to their involvement in his death.

Carri Elizabeth Standsoverbull, 40, and Patrick Saint Standsoverbull, 35, appeared by video Thursday in Yellowstone County District Court. 

Carri Standsoverbull pleaded not guilty to deliberate homicide, as well as to the alternative count of negligent homicide. Alternative charges may be considered at trial on an equal basis by a jury, meaning she could be found guilty or not guilty of either deliberate homicide or negligent homicide. Deliberate homicide has a maximum sentence of 100 years, while negligent homicide has a maximum sentence of 20 years.

She has also pleaded not guilty to felony aggravated assault by accountability and three felony counts of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. 

She is being held on a $500,000 bond. Public Defender with the Major Crimes Unit Clark Mathews represented her at the arraignment.

Patrick Standsoverbull pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault and two counts of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Hewitt's body was found on April 15, 2015, in a canyon on Pryor Road, between Pryor and St. Xavier, according to charging documents filed in Yellowstone County District Court.

A mailer coupon found near Hewitt's body had Patrick Standsoverbull's address on it, records state.

Investigators with the FBI, BIA and Billings Police Department discovered Hewitt had died in an apartment on the 1300 block of Industrial Avenue. The apartment belonged to Carri Standsoverbull, according to charging documents. 

It is believed Hewitt was killed sometime in early March 2015. Hewitt was beaten at least twice. The first beating may have involved up to five people, including Carri Standsoverbull and Patrick Standsoverbull, records allege.

Carri Standsoverbull’s children later told police they had seen Hewitt being assaulted at the apartment by several people.

After Hewitt was beaten to the point he couldn't move, he was kept in a back room of Carri Standsoverbull’s apartment until he died.

Both appeared Thursday before Yellowstone County District Judge Mary Jane Knisely. The siblings' cases will be handled by separate judges, with Yellowstone County District Court Judge Michael Moses presiding over Carri Standsoverbull's case. Patrick Standsoverbull's case was placed on the docket of Yellowstone County District Court Judge Russell Fagg.


Justice reporter for The Billings Gazette.