A woman has been charged with embezzlement after her quadriplegic boyfriend accused her of stealing more than $20,000 from him.

Lynda Lund Anderson, 60, appeared Tuesday in Yellowstone County Justice Court on a charge of theft by embezzlement. Justice of the Peace David Carter ordered Anderson taken into custody in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

Anderson was accused by her boyfriend of stealing money from him while she lived with him from July 2015 to February 2016, according to charging documents.

The boyfriend suffered a “catastrophic” injury from a falling tree in 2014 that left him an incomplete quadriplegic, according to court documents. He had a stroke about a year later and needed “significant assistance” with his daily activities.

Anderson cared for the man and was in charge of his ATM card and checkbook.

The man’s checking account had about $30,000 in it when Anderson took control of the account. That amount included proceeds from an individual retirement account, which Anderson cashed out without the man’s permission.

About $8,500 of the money in the account was spent on medical care for the man. Court documents state Anderson used $22,000 for personal use.

When Anderson was confronted by her boyfriend’s sister, Anderson confessed to having a gambling problem and said she would pay him back with money from her retirement account.

According to School District 2 records, Anderson retired from her job as a teacher at Big Sky Elementary effective in February. She received about $35,000 from the district in retirement funds.

Video surveillance showed Anderson frequented multiple casinos in the Billings area.