The state Board of Medical Examiners has indefinitely suspended the medical license of a Billings child psychiatrist who last year admitted to possessing child pornography.

The board suspended Dr. James H. Peak’s license on May 18 and made the action public Monday.

Peak, 50, of Billings, was sentenced in December and is spending about a year in federal prison for possessing child pornography. He was also sentenced to a lifetime of supervised release and has been ordered to register as a sex offender.

Peak, who had worked since 1994 at Billings Clinic as a child and adolescent psychiatrist until he was suspended earlier last year, had voluntarily placed his medical license on inactive status. It was scheduled to expire in March 2013.

Peak was required to report his sentence to the board, and if he seeks to reinstate his license, the full board must consider the request.

Peak pleaded guilty in August to possessing child pornography, admitting that he bought and received material through the mail.

At the time of sentencing, Senior U.S. District Judge Jack Shanstrom said that Peak “lived a double life for approximately 30 years” as he collected and then destroyed child porn collections. The activity continued into his professional life as he treated young children. The judge said he believed reports and polygraph testing that suggested that Peak had never touched a child.

In addition to prison, Shanstrom restricted Peak’s contact with children under age 18 unless given permission by his probation officer and imposed strict conditions on computer use. The judge waived a fine, saying Peak did not have the ability to pay one.

Peak apologized to all those he had hurt and disappointed, especially his former patients and their families. At the time of sentencing, Peak said he knew he “can never work with children or adolescents again” but hoped to use his experience with other addicted adults and to make “amends” through honorable work.