All marriage licenses were issued in Yellowstone County unless noted.

Megan Renee Malia and Shad Ryan Edwards on Sept. 5

Kimberly Fay Cowell and Anthony Cole Thomas on Aug. 29

Kelly Rene Heard and Joseph Dexter Hickey on Sept. 11

Jessica Rose Kennedy and David James Alvarado on Sept. 4

Edwin Ernest Bohle and Weston Lloyd Franks on Sept. 19

Carlie Tamae Kurokawa and Seth William Carlson on Sept. 6

Ashley Anne Wheeler and Jason Allen Pfenning on Sept. 12

Kayleen Daisy Goggins and Corey Robert Schultz on Sept. 5

Megan Elizabeth Reed and Fred Everett Dierenfield on Sept. 5

Beth Erlanda Bakken and John David Welsh on Aug. 20

Renae Marie Parkins and Paul James Parkins on Sept. 4

Evelyn Grace Lowman and Raymond Arthur Hine on Aug. 22

Dodi Yvonne Smith and Donald Robert Hurd III on Aug. 29

Kalli Dawn Elford and Theodore Conover Hayes on Sept. 4

Catherine Margaret Roberts and Joseph Allen Babbitt on Sept. 6

Joan Frances Daly and Steven Roberts Shinners on Sept. 18

Heather Marie Folda and Karson Kale Mennie on Sept. 5

Robyn Lynn Castro and Kyle Clayton Twiggs on Aug. 22

Kaitlyn Dee Frank and Jeremiah Jake Toavs on Sept. 12

Jennifer Noel Ellis and Timothy David Penfield on Sept. 4

Myron Mitchell Huelle and Calvin Fredrick O’Clair II on Aug. 25

Maria Michelle Cosper and Charles David May on Sept. 5

Wilda Dennise Hoke and Steven Michael Guy on Sept. 19

Dara Lee Sundseth and Tyler John Bygren on Aug 22

Sara Renae Meyers and Matthew John Senn on Aug. 29

Kelli Michelle Dukart and Philip Alva Maxwell on Sept. 6

Alicia Clare Kober and Joshua Wayne Nott on Sept. 19

Teal Marie Porter and Randy Carl Francis on Sept. 5

Whitney Ann Wood and Mitchell Steven Buechler on Sept. 19

Elena Leigh Russell and Frederick Chase Demery on Aug. 14

Katie Rene Wollenburg and Christopher Aldon Langford on Aug. 29

Susan Joy Kling and Timothy Joseph Stavnes on Aug. 29

Elli Mae Patricia Fritz and Robert Crae Nelson on Sept. 12

Jill Pauline Donnelly and Cole Chester Pryor on Sept. 26

Kathrine Ann Keller and Dylan Jay Albert on Sept. 12

Ashley Danielle Linger and Dylan Lee Bandy on Sept. 26

Kendra Marie Emmett and Stephen David Grass on Aug. 29

Sarah Nicole Nitschke and Timothy Ray Lagace on Sept. 6

Carrie Dawn Steffans and Joseph Byron Mitchell on Sept. 5

Callie Sue Dahl and Kody John Keck on Aug. 28

Danielle Rae Harmon and Eric Joseph White on Sept. 19

Samantha Jean Sanchez and Steven Grant Hutchinson on Sept. 9

Mandee Marie Jackson and Matthew James Kuske on Sept. 12

Lindsey Rae Saks and Kale Bruce Crowder on Sept. 26

Courtney Jo Keil and Craig Joseph Nelson on Sept. 12

Crystal Marie Selva and Marcus Ronald Story on Sept. 17

Shelia Marie Bailey and Casey Eugene Veatch on Sept. 19

Valerie Leann Long and Stuart Ross Anderson IV. Sept. 8

Jureen Lea Jones and Cody Tyler Hernandez on Sept. 9

Rene Marie Whitecrane and Bradley Joel Reinhardt on Sept. 26

Tabitha Annetta Shelden and Kandi Rae Lindley on Sept. 9

France Cole Speelman and Tad Charles Altekruse II on Sept. 17

Tammy Louise Medearis and Walter George Boucher on Sept. 10

Ann Lee Jackson and Derek Allan Eaton on Sept. 12

Eelandra Shandel Shelley and Dominic Shad Noel on Sept. 18

Lywnda Kay Poe and Michael Leslie McCuen on Sept. 19

Lynda Rose Wile and Blake Albert Boston on Sept. 26

Lovetta June Myhre and Richard Earl Kriesel on Sept. 11

Tasia Lee Gustafson and William Gregory Thomas on Sept. 17

Douglas Dean Lobdell and Monte Raymond Koch on Sept. 20

Kayla Hope Andreasen-Grooms and Matthew Daniel Hlebechuk on Sept. 14

Priscilla Mae Sleeth and Daniel Joe Earls on Sept. 14

Janet Sylvia Turnsplenty and Kendell Marcel Deputee on Sept. 15

Sashan Marie Thompson and Jared Michael Sharp on Sept. 15

Siera Corilee Baker and Harley David Brown on Sept. 16

Raylina Amanda Woodard and Cody Ryan Clark in Sept. 19

Kathryn Margaret Ahern Sumner and Aaron Lee Curtis on Sept. 19

Madisyn Mariya Owens and Jonathan Russell Kraft on Sept. 18

Misty Rae Zier and Prinz Rory Three Irons on Sept. 18

Jaylyn Janelle Waggener and Patrick Alan Long on Sept. 21

Marie Dawn Spang and Wayne Gerald Roundstone on Sept. 22

Cindy Kay Wittman and Thomas Perry Stichman on Sept. 26

Ana Christine Garcia-Martinez and Joseph Maunel Hernandez on Sept. 23

Jordynn Christine Pecora and Austin J Cossitt on Sept. 26

Linda Marlene Plovanic and Robert Barry Plovanic on Sept. 24

Ashley Marie Rodriguez and Skyler Scott Devous on Sept. 25

Nicole Eileen Lindenberg and Josiah Robert Popelka on Sept. 26

Aimee Elizabeth DeBock and Cassidy Richard Alberta on Aug. 29

Sarah Ann Iris Zimmerman and Eric Steven Worden on Sept. 15

Yvonne A Benson and Melissa Ann Maurisak on Sept. 1

Kelsey Ann Sticka and Spencer Alan Thomas on Aug. 29

Cassandra Jean Ochsner and Tyree Brent Chilton on Sept. 12

Jane Paige Fredlund and Zachary Daniel Hunter on Aug. 27

Lana Nicole May and Randall Duane Craig Jr. on Sept. 6

Sharon Elisabeth Williams and Joshua James Moore on Sept. 5

Lisa Lynn Mereness and Rodney James Malloy on Sept. 5

Heather Allison Kerns and Curtis Daniel Kramer on Sept. 6

Kayla Kay Nelson and Kyle William Knight on Sept. 12

Melissa Marie Morales and Donald Louis Bishop on Aug. 31

Tamra Michelle Brister and Rodney Earl Brown on Sept. 12

Paula R Kyhl and Randall Lee Kyhl on Sept. 1

Casey Rae Leach and Richard Mitchell Padon Jr. on Sept. 1

Janae Kelsey Soper and Keith Patrick Swecker on Sept. 12

Andrea Marie Grigonis and Michael Anthony Moen on Sept. 5

Tesha Dawn Williams and Kevin McGee on Sept. 1

Adelene Celina Valdez and Jose Eduardo Juarez on Sept. 2

Dawn Marie Typanski and James Michael Habeck on Sept. 26

Alissa Marie Sallee and Joshua Owen Spainhower on Sept. 6

Charleen Kathleen Bettise and Daniel Ryan Copher on Sept. 5

Anita Waters and William Eugene Caporali on Sept. 19

Leah Monique Carr and Craig Jon Hurless on Sept. 2

Leila Enedina Richardson and Mohammed Fahad Alyami Sept. 2

Megan Elizabeth Schaack and Andrew Christopher Russell Greenwood on Sept. 4

Stephanie Ruth Locker and Corey James Wheeldon on Sept. 19

Channa Rae Johnson and Michael James Schwab on Sept. 19

Cassie Dawn Degner and Seth William Eaton on Sept. 26

Tammy Marie Rea and Burgess Mathais Napier on Sept. 3

Christina Lynn Grey and Michael Callender Tanner on Sept. 19

Breanne Nicolette Debuf and Shawn Ross Widdicombe on Sept. 26

Nicole Jae Reichert and Jeremy Jay Giles on Oct. 16

Barbara Marie Waters and Michael David Seder on Oct. 10

Emily Elizabeth Goudy and Taylor Ryan Niemi on Oct. 24

Chelsea Rene Barredo and Matthew David Seder on Oct. 3

Michelle Marie Oster and Dale Leon Harris on Sept. 12

Sarah Rose Dansereau and A Jackson Rehberg on Oct. 10

Dannielle Elysse Grant and Alec Glenn Skaalure on Aug. 22

Hannah Raylene Johnston and Joshua Ray Fortney on Sept. 18

Meilysa Ann Brewington and Trey Allen Cates on Sept. 6

Amy Lee Rott and Dexter Vincent Woods III on Oct. 3

Melissa Lee Volesky and Christopher Steven Marshall on Oct. 3

Katy Ann Trerise and Cory Scott Harman on Oct. 10

Kara Leah Rowen and Jordan Milo Ornquist on Oct. 17

Jennifer Ashley Drake and Heston Robert Schessler on Sept. 5

Kai Marie Rosin and Mickel Daniel Reid on Oct. 2

Ashlee Christine Ibach and Michael Duane Pope on Sept. 26

Amberly Ann Pahut and Jared Michael Maloney on Oct. 2

Abby Leigh Blaquire and Shane Crawford Gaught on Oct. 2

Kendra Kay Waters and Carl Joshua Nordberg on Oct. 16

Ashlee Josephine Larson and Dillon Cody Jennings on Oct. 17

Naomi Alexis Gerrick and David Peter Gasser on Oct. 3

Stephanie Renee Larson and David Carl Klein on Oct. 3

Veonca Ann Volmer and Dallas Allen Budekk on Oct. 10

Kimberly Laura Elizabeth Moes and Steven James Graham Jr. on Oct. 10

Victoria Ann Klinger and Daniel Glenn Klinger on Sept. 20

Kari Ann Sparrow and Dustin Lee Stroble on Oct. 3

Tracy Ann Reese and Dale Duane Stoll on Oct. 3

Beverly Crisp and George Kerry Ibison on Oct. 16

Kerra Jo Waite and James Montgomery Roberts on Oct. 24

Lona Gail Fonville and Billy Glen Harpole on Oct. 1

Peggy Lee Barnes and Vincent Patrick McMahon III on Oct. 17

Janet Ruth LaFranier and Kenneth James Cayko on Sept. 26

Larrissa Lynn Porter and Brandon Philip Abell on Oct. 17

Amy Marie Parrent and Cam David Schieno on Oct. 4

Micaela Marie Scally and Levi Douglas Sorge on Oct. 13

Rocio Vega Collado and Ricahrd O’Dell Prisbe on Oct. 23

Chantell Marie Dickey and Emilio Louis Gonzales on Sept. 30

Terry Yvonne Simmons and David Allen Long on Oct. 3

Sarah May Gorecki and James Anthony Bailey on Oct. 2

Britney Marie Fredenburg and Brickley Isaak Doely on Oct. 3

Sarah Lynn Bushfield and Brett Alan Kavlie on Oct. 3

Elizabeth Faye Jackson and Timothy Randall Cavanaugh on Oct. 2

Amee Marie Decker and Joshua Allen Holliday on Sept. 29

Melanie Jean Kramer and Kenneth James Bowlan on Oct. 1

Meghan Alane Conaway and Joseph Lloyd Salyer on Oct. 10

Ashley Diane Holst and Taylor Dean Gierke on Oct. 3

Melissa Ann Weinberger and Nicholas Carl Clark on Oct. 3

Carly Lynn Plourde and Anthony Richard LaGaly on Oct. 10

Amy Cheryl McOmber and Nathan Nyland Robeson III on Oct. 9

Norma Montes-Castillo and Jorge Montes-Jacquez on Oct. 7

Molly Buchanan McCallum and Jacob Alan Jackson on Oct. 1

Cynthia Rose Brown and Christopher Dale Blacksmith on Oct. 2

Markee Anderson and Zach Tobe DuPea on Oct. 3

Anycia June Byrd and Toby David Wipf on Oct. 9

Rogene Ann Dodge and Frederick Isaac on Oct. 9

Brandy Rochelle Montgomery and Matthew Alexander Noall on Oct. 10

Lisa Parisian and Norbert Darrel Hill on Oct. 10

Kathryn Lynsey May and Nickalos Alexander Forslund on Oct. 6

Julie Ann Wulfekuhle and Jacob Leonard Clark on Oct. 10

Brianna Leigh Johnson and Ryan Thomas Pellegrino on Oct. 16

Shawna Marie Whitmore and Jeremy Joseph House on Oct. 17

Karleen Anne Vivirito and John Howard Clayton on Oct. 16

Cheryl Lynn Fitzgerald and Craig James Fitzgerald on Oct. 8

Shiann Ashlin Kissler and Mathew Jacob Hilzendeger on Oct. 22

Sarah Dianne Dvorak and Russell Todd Jensen on Oct. 17

Shelby Dawn Baughman and Mark Anthony Knight Jr. on Oct. 9

David Allen Bovee and Francia Rivera De La Rosa on Oct. 13

Kyndra Renee Richardson and Jason Kreston Millar on Oct. 17

Shelley Lynn Fiant and Blake Hilton Fransen on Oct. 23

Lawrence Robert Nelson and Michael David Meier on Oct. 24

Sasha Lynn Mascarena and Michael Paul Williams on Oct. 20

Kierstin Cora Gerwig and Joshua Brandon Brown on Oct. 20

Jazmine Rayne Fenner and Brady James Knopp on Oct. 22

Lorna Rae Ketterling and Steven Elliot Norton on Oct. 22

Carol Gaye Lombard and Pieter Jurian Lombard on Oct. 29

Audra Nicole Hunter and Andres Scott Nelson on Oct. 30