2006 MSU-Billings graduates

2006-05-06T23:00:00Z 2006 MSU-Billings graduates The Billings Gazette
May 06, 2006 11:00 pm

Montana State University-Billings' 79th commencement ceremony was Saturday in MetraPark Arena.

The numbers of students who applied for graduation per college were College of Allied Health Professions, 93; College of Arts and Sciences, 300; College of Business, 94; College of Education, 152; and College of Technology, 176.

Here — listed alphabetically, with honors students listed first, are the 815 students who applied for their degrees.

Symbols mean ***, summa cum laude, 4.0 GPA. **, magna cum laude, 3.75-4.0 GPA. *, cum laude, 3.5- 3.74 GPA. #, Honor Program Scholar. +, honors 3.5 3.74 GPA for associate degrees or certificates. ++, high honors, 3.75-4.0 GPA for associate degrees or certificates. AA, associate of arts degree. AS, associate of science degree. B, bachelor's degree. BA, bachelor of arts. BS, bachelor of science degree. M, master's. MS, master of science. MED, Master of education. AAS, associate of applied science. CERT, certificate.

Spring and summer 2006 graduate names are contingent upon completion of requirements.

Billings: ***Laura Irene Hoag, special education and elementary education; BS. ***Melodee R. Mattson, English; BA. ***Jacquelyn Marie Weitz, music performance option; BA. **Megan Jean Ahrens, Spanish teaching option; BA. **Megan Jean Ahrens, elementary education; BS. **Candice Marie Arrowood, sociology; BS. **Sheila A. Breen, liberal studies; BS,

**Daniel Jon Bronson, Spanish teaching option; BA. **Daniel Jon Bronson, psychology; BS. **Kelly Kathleen Buck, human services; BS. **Kenneth R. Christenot, health administration; BS. **Kenneth R. Christenot, management; BS. **David A. Darsow, liberal studies; BS. **Tannya Kandace Eisenbraun, biology; BS. **Shana Lynne Gast, elementary education; BS.

**Brooke L. Habener, mathematics; BS. **Allison Marie Hanson, human services; BS. **Elizabeth Louise Harris, mass communication; BA. **Jennifer K. Horak, rehabilitation and related services; BS. **Francie Ann Hudak, Spanish teaching option; BA. **Francie Ann Hudak, elementary education; BS. **Jeanne M. Hutchinson, art; BA. ** Catherine Marie Johnson, elementary education; BS.

**Deborah Alyce Knudtzon, accounting; BS. **Charlotte Kobold, human services; BS. **Sandra Faye Loendrof, accounting; BS. **Linda Oshanick Manion, liberal studies; BS. **Brynn Marie McGillvray, elementary education; BS. **Anne Marie Moser, elementary education; BS. **Cindy Lee Murray, biology; BS. **Kim Palmieri, liberal studies; BS. **Nathan Petterson, English; BA.

**Brenda Ann Reiland, elementary education; BS. **Matthew T. Speed, management; BS. **John Wayne Staley, liberal studies; BS. **Chairsty Embrador Stewart, mathematics teaching option; BS. **Stacy Lynn Weitz, liberal studies; BS. *Renae Lynn Belcher, management; BS. *Darrell J. Bell, liberal studies; BS. *James Bennett, information systems; BS. *Mark Eugene Coxwell, applied science; B. *Albert John Doney, history; BA. *Cole R. Grover, biology; BS.

*Jessica Lynn Haan, elementary education; BS. *Annette Gayle Hoffman, environmental studies; BA. *Brooke Anne Hudson, art teaching option; BA. *Julie Ann Lahey, liberal studies; BS. *Catherine Langlas, mass communication; BA. *Wendy Marlene Martin, elementary education; BS. *Lori Anne Meyer, psychology; BS. *Darrin Marie Murdoch, special education and elementary education; BS.

*Tracie L. Musso, English teaching option; BA. *Carl Ray Myers, social science broadfield, BS. *Elsa J. Petersson, health and human performance-health promotion option; BS. *Rebecca Anne Rath, biology; BS. *Salishan Lynn Reno, biology; BS. *Christine A. Sustarsic, elementary education; BS. *Karen Switzer, public relations; BS. *Stacey Lynn Tuomi, mathematics teaching option; BS. *Jesse Lee Turner, sociology; BA.

++Louise Barman, medical administrative assistant; AAS. ++Scott A. Davis, process plant technology; AAS. ++Eve L. Decker, practical nurse; AAS. ++Terri L. Krenz, process plant technology; AAS. ++Benjamin Randolph, general studies; AA. ++Judith Serfazo, practical nurse; AAS. ++Lee A. Wachholz, process plant technology; AAS. ++Patrick J. Whalen, heating/ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS.

+Brandon Darrell Barrick, heating/ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. +Laurie Barta, radiologic technology; AAS. +Sarah Ann Bauer, administrative assistant; AAS. +Robert E. Hagan, computer systems technology; AAS. +Mary R. Horvath, radiologic technology; AAS. +Jack Steven Kenyon, process plant technology; AAS. +Clifford F. Kirkham, automotive technology; AAS.

+Elisabeth L. Letasky, practical nurse; AAS. +Lisa Ann Massick, medical assistant; AAS. +Denise R. Panacheau, radiologic technology; AAS. +Jackson Rossmith, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT. +Jason Alexander Smith, general studies; AS. +Debra J. Strever, human resources; AS. +Jennifer Louise Suko, practical nurse; AAS. +Curtis, D. Thompson, practical nurse; AAS. +Jeffrey Quentin Toews, radiologic technology; AAS.

Sandi, Marie Alden, school counseling; MED. Margo Aldrich, public relations; MS. Roxanne Marie Allard, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Alexandra C. Allen, marketing; BS. Clint C. Anglin, fire science; AS. Jacob B. Archer, history; BA. R. Reid Armstrong, biology; BS. Misty Arneson, general studies; AS. Summer Rae Ashcraft, health and human performance-health promotion option; BS. Erin Augustine, reading; MED. Nona Wright Austin, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS.

Michael R. Barnett, application development; AAS. Michelle L. Barney, elementary education; BS. Jennifer L. Beck, art; BA. Derick Becktold, heating/ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. James P. Bender, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT. Justin Bernhardt, history teaching option; BA. Lauri Jo Berumen, psychology; BS. Roxanne, M. Bethel, management; BS.

Cayanne C. Blackburn, information systems; BS. David Jerry Boggess, human services; BS. Justin P. Bolton, process plant technology; AAS. Kimberly Bree Bone, chemistry; BS. David Scott Booke, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Allison Deanne Bottenhagen, practical nurse; AAS. Corrie Ann Bowman, curriculum and instruction; MED. Matthew Richard Francis Boyer, process plant technology; AAS.

Jeremiah Paul Branum, elementary education; BS. Pamela E. Brecht, human services; BS. Lora Brooks, health administration; BS. Emily A. Brosius, elementary education; BS. Jenica Helen Buker, elementary education; BS. Erin M. Burrowes, elementary education; BS. Cathy Burton, reading; MED. Alexis Buss, health and physical education; BS.

Nikki Carr, practical nurse; AAS. Lynn M. Carter, public relations; MS. Michael James Castro, automotive technology; AAS. Dustin P. Cataldo, information systems; BS. Lisa K. Ceartin-Chelgren, information systems; BS. Victoria Shelbourne Cech, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Bradley C. Chase, networking technology; CERT.

Michelle L. Clark, history; BA. Shea Marion Cole, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Meghan Alane Conaway, psychology; BS. Monte Cook, process plant technology; AAS. Rhianna Michelle Cooper, psychology; BS. Ryan J. Cooper, biology teaching option; BS. Kala Corder, finance; BS. Jennifer Corning, public relations; MS. James D. Crawford, drafting and design technology; AAS. Jeffrey B. Crow, fire science; AS.

Kimberly A. Dahl, practical nurse; AAS. Kristopher L. Dahl, Fire Science; AS. Cathryn Jeanette Decker, management and marketing; BS. Jennifer L. Deibele, information systems; BS. Chantel Carol Denowh, computer desktop/network support; AAS. Douglas R. Dewitz, human resources; AS. Ron R. DeYoung, public relations; BS.

Cheri M. Diaz, information systems; BS. Doug Dickey, computer desktop/network support; AAS. Kara Dietz, management; BS. Scott Ward Dobbs, accounting; BS. Martin Andrew Doney, human services; BS. Shanna A. Dugger, accounting; BS.

Jonathan Phillip Easley, heating/ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Uriah Edmunds, accounting; BS. Michelle Marie Eichele, management; BS. Heather Ellefson, practical nurse; AAS. Betty Ann Elliott, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS.

Andrew R. Ellis, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT. Danielle Dolenc Emery, health administration; M. Amanda L. Engellant, psychology; BS. Alayne B. Erickson, elementary education; BS. Matthew G. Evans, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT.

Stephanie Lyn Farmer, biology; BS. Scott D. Felchle, history teaching option; BA. Erin ReNae Fladmo, English and history; BA. Lori Anne Fox, practical nurse; AAS. Constance E. Frank, human services; BS. Brittany Leigh Frickel, practical nurse; AAS. Angela Frickle, management and marketing; BS. Michael Delane Frigon, health administration; M.

Todd Gage, computer systems technology; AAS. Tia Marie Gaughan, practical nurse; AAS. Ashleigh Y. George, liberal studies; BS. Shannon L. George, elementary education; BS. Robin Marie Graham, sociology; BS. Catherine Jean Grams, human services; BS. Kyle E. Grider, sociology; BS. Jennifer Hargis Grimm, organizational communication; BA. Matt Grosskop, sociology; BS.

Nate Hagel, process plant technology; AAS. Patricia Halvorsen, art teaching option; BA. Shannah Hancock, special education and elementary education; BS. Anya Victoria Hanks, sociology; BS. Darcey D. Harris, practical nurse; AAS. Lindsey Kathleen Hart, elementary education; BS. Randal P. Hartman, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Angela R. Heaney, management and marketing; BS.

Andrew Scott Hebdon, liberal studies; BS. John Heine, chemistry; BS. Darryl D. Helmer, sport management; MS. Yvonne Hembd, practical nurse; AAS. Doris M. Higbee, liberal studies; BS. Nicole M. Hitt, history teaching option; BA. Patrick M. Hughes, sport management; MS. Emily Ann Hurd, biology and chemistry; BS. Jennifer Leigh Hurd, sociology; BS.

Brian Jason Irish, networking technology; AS. Benjamin J. Iverson, biology; BS. Neith Andrew Jackman, process plant technology; AAS. Vincent Adam Jahner, drafting and design technology; AAS. Tiffany N. Janich, public relations; BS. Shayla A. Jarock, drafting and design technology; AAS. Elizabeth Jensen, special education and elementary education; BS. Tiffaney Gail Johnson, public relations; MS. Steven Joseph Jordan, mass communication; BA.

Melissa Marie Kase, human services; BS. Andrew Ryan Kautz, elementary education; BS. Kate M. Kay, general studies; AS. Krista L. Keehn, practical nurse; AAS. Lisa M. Kelly, liberal studies; BS. Gerald R. Kelso, process plant technology; AAS. Cecelia Mary Kimble, liberal studies; BS. Timothy L. Kite, liberal studies; BS. Mary Ann Kittson, health administration; M.

Nicole Marie Bergallo Klein, Spanish; BA. Nocole Kocab, mathematics teaching option; BS. Nicole L. Kocab, elementary education; BS. Janet Dorothy Koch, liberal studies; BS. Lenette Kosovich, health administration; M. Kimberlee Jo Kreiter, psychology; BS. Heather Lynn Krueger, early childhood; MED. Julie Lynn Krutzfeldt, liberal studies; BS.

Lindsey Krywaruchka, marketing; BS. Nikki J. Kukowski, medical administrative assistant; AAS. Micheal John Kurtz, psychology; MS.

Kelly Lafontaine, psychology; BS. Chase Thomas Larkin, automotive technology; AAS. Lisa Lynn Larsen, practical nurse; AAS. April Lee Lawver, elementary education; BS. Katie Elizabeth LeCaptain, elementary education; BS. Victory Patricia Lee, general studies; AS.

Amy Ann Leffler, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Leanne Jean Leliqdowicz, elementary education; BS. Mirinda Little Wolf, liberal studies; BS. Richard G. Lundeen, process plant technoldy; AAS. Heather N. Lusin, elementary education; BS. Kenneth Ryan Lutton, management; BS. Jason Lyon, paramedic; AAS.

Damian Edward Machowski, heating, ventilation and air Conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Danielle Elizabeth Macy, health and human performance-health promotion option; BS. Kathryn Lynn Manfull, health administration; M. Tyler John Martin, drafting and design technology; AAS. Heather Lynn Marvin, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Jared Cody Masteron, history; BS. Chad F. Maulolo, networking technology; CERT.

Kathryn McAuliffe, reading; MED. Crystal Kapri McBee, sociology; B. Meredith McCannel, public administration; M. Ryan McGuinness, public relations; BS. Paul C. Meseberg, elementary education; BS. Wendy Elaine Metzler, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Lisa Meyer, school counseling; MED.

Joshua James Michael, English; BA. Messina Michelle Michalsky, practical nurse; AAS. Joan Margaret Mickelson, public relations; BS. Andrew F. Miller, accounting; BS. Joshua C. Miller, sport management; MS. Justin Jacob Miller, psychology; BS. Kristen Marie Miller, art teaching option; BA. Rebecca Annie Miller, practical nurse; AAS. Teresa Jolene Millsap, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Brett M. Mitchell, interdisciplinary studies, MED.

Cherie' a Mondragon, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Michael M. Moots, computer systems technology; AAS. Toni Jean Morledge, elementary education; BS. Patrick F. Morrell, applied science; B. Malachi Munyan, networking technology; CERT. James Musso, psychology; MS. Carlene D. Myers Leslie, liberal studies; BS.

Dean F. Nelson, school counseling; MED. Sara Junelle Nelson, liberal studies; BS. Rochelle Ness, practical nurse; AAS. Sarah L. Niebeling, management; BS.

Tara Jayne Osborne, public relations; BS. Andrea Palagyi, English; BA. Julie Kay Pearson, psychology; BS. Keri Lynn Pederson, history; BA. Timothy M. Peterson, process plant technology; AAS. Angela C. Petry, accounting; BS. Jay S. Phillips, accounting; BS. Evi Susanti Pickering, administrative assistant: AAS. Jamie L. Porter, public relations; MS. Mike L. Post, psychology; BS.

Gwendolyn Priewe, health administration; BS. Kimberly Ann Proctor, liberal studies; BS. David A. Pulis, liberal studies; BS. Holly Denise Pullar, history; BA. Mitchell Glenn Purcell, elementary education; BS. Ginger Quill, radiologic technology; AAS.

Danielle R. Ramirez, practical nurse; AAS. John William Reas, finance; BS. Ashley B. Rech, general studies; AA. Craig Lee Rech, drafting and design technology; AAS. Bryan F. Regnier, radiologic technology; AAS. Renzy James Reno, mass communication; BA. Jacqueline Rene Reynolds, elementary education; BS.

Gwendolyn Kay Rice, environmental studies; BA. Theodore T. Riehl, drafting and design technology; AAS. Zachariah N. Robbins, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Todd Andrew Roberts, finance; BS. Bobbie J. Robinett, liberal studies; BS. Lyndsay Root, biology; BS. Kristina Rosales, computer systems technology; AAS. Lenard John Ruterbories, liberal studies; BS

Sandra A. Sauvageau, accounting; BS. Danielle, Savaria, management; BS. Jesse D. Saylor, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Kevin Larry Scharfe, art teaching option; BA. Tasha Schaumberg, public relations; BS. Misti Schell, practical nurse; AAS. Amanda Maxine Schlosser, sport management; MS. Christina Elayne Schultz, information systems; BS. Tonya L. Schwartz, information systems; BS.

Maurice Richard Senn, fire science; AS. Karri M. Sharp, special education and elementary education; BS. Jared B. Shaw, environmental studies; BA. Lisa M. Shores, accounting; BS. Jordan G. Shortridge, marketing; BS. Jerry James Siebenaller, health administration; M. Julie Jeneen Siebert, practical nurse; AAS. Amber Sims, Spanish; BA. Brian James Smith, health and physical education; BS.

Simon Y. Stadtmiller, management and marketing; BS. Raleigh Shaveen Starnes, sociology; BS. Kimberly Sue Steffan-Davis, elementary education; BS. Denette Rose-Lynn Steffans, management; BS. Brenna Steiner, sociology; BS. Michael A. Stiffman, public administration; M. Derek J. Straw, mathematics; BS. Brandis Elaine Sunday, liberal studies; BS.

Christopher D. Talbot, mathematics teaching option; BS. Heather Marie Taylor, accounting; BS. Treva Tesky, environmental studies and sociology; BA. Josh Thelen, management; BS. Elizabeth Swann Thiel, accounting technology; AAS. Carol B. Toenyes, marketing; BS. Alycyn Tormaschy, health and human performance-teaching certificate option; BS. Tiffany Tracy, psychology; BS. Mariel Tretin, liberal studies; BS. Juanita Tuttle, liberal studies; BS.

Wes A. Urbaniak, liberal studies; BS. Zac V. Valentine, environmental studies; BA. Bambi Ann Van Dyke, applied science; B. Richard Gary Veis, accounting; BS. Amy Lynn Vicars, elementary education; BS. Jody W. Vigus, management and marketing; BS. Alison B. Voight, medical administrative assistant; AAS.

Theresa Lynne Waite, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Kerri Ann Wallis, practical nurse; AAS. Russell Wanner, fire science; AS. Christopher N. Watters, sociology; BA. Cindy Jean Welch, curriculum and instruction; MED. Deborah Ann Wilson, medical administrative assistant; AAS. Theodore James Wilson, biology; BS. Jennifer Jo Wingerter, school counseling; MED. Aimee Barnard Wood, general studies; AA. Angela Woodward, mass communication; BA.

Jinger J. Yanchisin, art; BA. Jinger J. Yanchisin, psychology; BS. Jaime Michelle Yasenak, mass communication; BA. Brett D. Zahn, networking technology; CERT. Joshua Alan Zimmerman, history; BA.

The following Montana students are from cities other than Billings:

Absarokee: +Paul E. Mondragon, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT. Chad F. Maulolo, computer desktop/network support; AAS. Arthur W. Robinson, Environmental Studies; BA.

Alzada: Richard Watkins, liberal studies; BS. Ashland: *Kristie L. Compher, psychology; BA. Annita Little Coyote-Wolf Black, sociology; BS.

Babb: Dale R. Fenner II, mass communication; BA. Bainville: Lisa Marie Romo, accounting; BS. Baker: Dawn Michelle Brown, practical nurse; AAS. Ryan John Stevens, automobile collision repair and refinishing; AAS. Ballantine: Paula L. Maulolo, health administration; M. Tyler Thomas Ringo, mathematics; BS. Joseph Z. Scherry, management; BS.

Bearcreek: ++Timothy Andrew Ryan, fire science; AS. Belgrade: Richard D. Hofman, automobile collision repair and refinishing; AAS. Jesse N. Uncles, automobile collision repair and refinishing; CERT. Kimberley R. Williams, health administration; M. Big Sandy: Kristie Lynn Korsbeck Rutledge, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Big Timber: Jason Groff, automotive technology; AAS. Betty Audrene Kunda, school counseling; MED. Box Elder: George Henderson Jr., fire science; AS.

Bozeman: Christopher Arneson, automotive technology; AAS. John Lane Dusenberry, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Rhiann Royale Falk, health and human performance-health promotion option; BS. Erin L. Krell, public relations; MS. Joseph Bateman May, educational technology; MED. Rhonda S. Unterseher, liberal dtudies; BS.

Bridger: **Kellie R. Hirsch, applied science; B. +Collean Belcher, administrative assistant; AAS. Robert Walter Anderson, liberal studies; BS. Brockton: Tatum Evenson, management and marketing; BS. Browning: Ryann Parsons, liberal studies; BS. Rebecca Phillips, accounting; BS. Busby: Brandi Bends, sociology; BA. Butte: ++Sonja Michelle Tafelmeyer, human resources; AS. Terri A. Lewis, liberal studies; BS.

Chinook: *Joseph F. LaPlante, management and marketing; BS. Choteau: ***Mandee Leah Pancheri Hostetler, liberal studies; BS. Clyde Park: Elizabeth Kaye Sarrazin, management and marketing; BS. Colstrip: *Dorian E. Parry, music teaching option and music performance; BA. Geraldine Genz Cadwell, liberal studies; BS. Jennifer Wynn Rohlf, accounting technology; AAS. Columbia Falls: *Teresa M. Hadley, organizational communication; BA.

Columbus: *Benjamin T. Woods, sociology; BA. +Jessica Louise Johnson, accounting technology; AAS, Kristina Lynn Aschim, public relations; MS. Mary Jo Exstrom, human services; BS. Georgia K. Lukkes, human tesources; AS. Karmen Louise Teubner, school counseling; MED, Becky Lynn Wegner, practical nurse; AAS.

Crow Agency: Dulcie Nicole Healing Ground, public administration; M. Culbertson: William R. Carlisle, public relations; BS. Amanda McCormick, information systems; BS. Bart Thomas Rasmussen, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Custer: LaDona M.Yerian, elementary education; BS. Cut Bank: Kori C. Hartwell, accounting; BS.

Deer Lodge: Sandra Jean Bauman, public relations; MS. Kimberly Lamb, organizational communication; BA. Christopher Lamb, liberal studies; BS. Nicole Lee Strozewski, mathematics teaching option; BS. Denton: ++Kevin Melton, diesel technology; AAS. Matthew T. Conard, automobile collision repair and refinishing; AAS. Jodi Marie Morgan, school counseling; MED.

Dillon: Anne Selyn Humphrey, health administration; BS. Kelly Turney, automobile collision repair and refinishing; AAS. Dodson: Tracie R. Overberg, English teaching option; BA.

East Glacier Park: Sunshine R. Gaither, liberal studies; BS. Edgar: Samantha Suzanne Wicka, Mmdical administrative assistant; AAS. Ekalaka: Kaine Tell Kittelmann, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Elliston: Lisa Newman, liberal studies; BS. Eureka: Andrea LaRee Brooks, management; BS. Sandra D. Parsons, liberal studies; BS.

Forsyth: *Julie Kathryn Clifford, chemistry; BS. *Baldassare Adam Lucido, mass communication; BA. *Baldassare Adam Lucido, management; BS. Ruby Thomas Chunkapura, public relations; BS. Irene Faye O'Donnell Erickson, special education and elementary education; BS. Crystal D. Jones, human services; BS. Peggy Louise Stocker, practical nurse; AAS.

Fort Benton: **Kristal Lohse, art; BA. Fort Peck: Shelly Pokorney-Van Buren, health administration; M. April M. Rock, psychology; BS. Fort Smith: Yvonne M. Powers, general studies; AA. Froid: Timothy Lee Erickson, drafting and design technology; AAS.

Fromberg: *Amber A. Kilwine, organizational communication; BA. *Amber A. Kilwine, psychology; BS. *Sheryl Lynne Roberts, accounting; BS. Fort Smith: Joshua James Anderson, liberal studies; BS.

Geraldine: Greggory T. Owen, health and human performance-health promotion; BS. Glasgow: ***Catherine Brittany Hageman, public relations; MS. Tricia Leigh Anderson, reading; MED. Michael Scott Falcon, mathematics teaching option; BS. Jill Michele Page, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Benjamin Alan Rohde, sport management; MS. Kay Roub Younkin, interdisciplinary studies; MED.

Glen: LaTresha Galahan Garrison, school counseling; MED. Glendive: ++Trista Annette Helmuth, automobile collision repair and refinishing; AAS. Breann McClennan, marketing; BS. Michael Steve Oellermann, automotive technology; AAS. Megan K. Sturlaugson, elementary education; BS.

Great Falls: **Nathan D. Robertson, biology; BS. *Corrie Lynn Douglas, elementary education; BS. ++Tamara Harp, radiologic technology; AAS. Tammy Lynne Appelgren Armstrong, liberal studies; BS. Daniel Alan Biehl, health and human performance-human performance option; BS. Jason Eastman, liberal studies; BS. Sarah Elizabeth Fry, elementary education; BS.

Trisha A. Gardner, early childhood; MED. Heather Melissa Hughs, Spanish teaching option; BA. Mathew J. Pipinich, public telations; BS. Stephanie Alexis Smith, history teaching option; BA. Stephanie Alexis Smith, elementary education; BS. Brandi Lee Taylor, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Karista January Walsh, practical nurse; AAS. Matt Louis Wilder, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Amy Catherine Williams, liberal studies; BS.

Hall: *Kate Rebecca Dinsmore, biology; BS. Hamilton: Nicole L. Nichols, organizational communication; BA.

Hardin: **Debra Sue Laci, special education and elementary education; BS. *Cynthia J. Cassidy, liberal studies; BS. ++Michelle Lee Kirschenmann, medical administrative assistant; AAS. Michael D. Bastrom, psychology; BS. Krystel A. Buckland, general studies; AS. Mark Andrew Chepulis, music teaching and music performance; BA. Kasey L. English, paramedic; AAS. Justin R. Kopp, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Jerel F. Schaff, computer desktop/network support; AAS. Heather Ann Sorenson, management; BS.

Harlowton: Codi A. Hansen, advanced studies; MS. Kaycee R. Yerger, English; BA. Havre: *Eric. A. Holden, accounting; BS. *Seth B. Maristuen, management; BS. Amanda Jo Miller, special education and elementary education; BS. Jeramie J. Robinson, school counseling; MED.

Helena: **Jamie L. Schell, liberal studies; BS. Brian Bailey, liberal studies; BS. Amanda Nicole Frazier, music teaching option and music performance; BA. Amanda Nicole Frazier, elementary education; BS. Kelli J. Kerpa, human services; BS. Stacy Marie Murfitt, elementary education; BS. Jeffrey L. Prater, health administration; M.

Hingham: Natalie Shea Strissel, administrative assistant; AAS. Hinsdale: Denise Kuki, accounting technology; AAS. Hobson: Corina Dahlhausen, management; BS. Huntley Project: Sarah Elizabeth Rager, special education and elementary education; BS.

Joliet: Tom C. Clymer, mathematics teaching option; BS. Chad R. Landon, liberal studies; BS. Nancy L. Monforton, school counseling; MED. Matthew A. Steerey, management and marketing; BS. Jay Matthew Thompson, public relations; BS. Mandi Jo Vukonich, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Jordan: Krystal Murnion, Finance and Management; BS.

Kalispell: Amanda L. Andrews, elementary education; BS. Kyle Barranger, fire science; AS. Day A. Scovel, liberal studies; BS. Kacie Michelle Spencer, human services; BS. Joselyn Walterskirchen, organizational communication; BA. Kremlin: Tiffany Lynn Melby, liberal studies; BS.

Lame Deer: *Lynsey Rae Parrish, rehabilitation and related services; BS. Eva Marie Flying, sport management; MS. Janis F. Spear, human services; BS.

Laurel: **Megan Sue Legare, biology; BS. *Ashley Renee Bratland, elementary education; BS. *Amy L. Muir, special education and elementary education; BS. *Alissia S. Timm, management and marketing; BS. ++Brianne Foos, radiologic technology; AAS. ++Jennifer Rein, radiologic technology; AAS. ++Kyle Ronan, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT.

Joshua James Bekel, general studies; AS. Joshua James Bekel, history; BA. Marlon Besel, process plant technology; AAS. Holly Dyann Brester, liberal studies; BS. Dennis D. Dunklee, elementary education; BS. Lance Thomas Heiser, environmental studies; BA. Jennifer Lynn Henman, human services; BS. Robert J. Jenkins, management; BS. Teresa R. McAtee, liberal studies; BS. Amanda L. Mears, finance; BS.

Andrew Kenneth Racki, management and marketing; BS. Lorena Rickard, accounting; BS. Michelle Lynn Roy, health administration; M. Shawn James Stevens, environmental studies; BA. Monica Brooke Stricker, sociology; BS.

Lavina: *Heather M. Peters, public relations; BS.

Lewistown: **Erin Leah Matthews, liberal studies; BS. Susan Standley Adcock, liberal studies; BS. Lucinda M. Bussey, drafting and design technology; AAS. Dale Monte Dahlin, public relations; BS. Sandra A. Fox, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Teresa Majerus, school counseling; MED. Daniel McMaster, liberal studies; BS. Daniel McMaster, fire science; AS.

Amy Ruth McPherson, Spanish; BA. Kari Lynn Rea, elementary education; BS. Tobias Sauer, environmental studies; BA. Patricia M. Udelhoven, management and marketing; BS. Abby J. Ungefug, special education and elementary education; BS.

Libby: **Cortney L. Kelsch, elementary education; BS. ++Jeralyn J. Jones, accounting technology; AAS. Livingston: **Kristy Lynn Burns, elementary education; BS. **Amanda S. Rabenberg, finance; BS. +Cody William Jorgenson, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT. D'Dea Raihl, liberal studies; BS.

Lodge Grass: Bernard A. Breen Jr., sociology; BS. Shannon Left Hand, human services; BS. Lustre: **Nicole Whitney Reddig, special education and elementary education; BS.

Malta: Anna Ilene Barthlemess, liberal studies; BS. Britta Ginalias, elementary education; BS. Jennifer Lynn Michael, health and human performance-human performance option; BS. Sara Lee Schumacher, human services; BS. Troy S. Simanton, automotive technology; AAS. Stacie Simanton, elementary education; BS.

Medicine Lake: Michael J. Clark, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Melstone: Jimi Lou Gregg, finance; BS. Brett Allen Weisz, information systems; BS.

Miles City: ***Vicki Jean Strobel, elementary education; BS. *Tonja R. Brewer, elementary education; BS. Angela Rose Beaner, management; BS. Jamie Marie Christopherson, human services; BS. Kyle Ellefson, public relations; MS. Michelle R. Fjell, elementary education; BS. Robert P. Gollehon, drafting and design technology; AAS. Carol I. Hudson, liberal studies; BS. Kristin Louise Lee, reading; MED. Yvette Steele Swanson, special education generalist; MS. Paul Keith Zeller, chemistry; BS.

Missoula: Dustin William Baertsch, applied science; B. Katherine R. Furlong, psychology; MS. Kyle A. Slater, general studies; AA. Molt: *Jody L. Meyer, elementary education; BS. Opheim: ++Brett Timothy Stenglein, drafting and design technology; AAS.

Pablo: Delilah D. Friedlander, liberal studies; BS. Park City: ++Lorrie Lee Bernhardt, accounting technology; AAS. Becki Ames, elementary education; BS. Jon E. Bourassa, information systems; BS. Plevna: **Hanna Justine Rugg, finance; BS. Heidi Rieger, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Jeff Rieger, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Polson: Marsha Zell Anson, liberal studies; BS. Patrick Breen, liberal studies; BS.

Pompeys Pillar: ++Wendy Jean Small, radiologic technology; AAS. Curtis B. Sherrodd, English teaching option; BA. Pryor: Renee Arlana Farwell, human services; BS. Darcy Stephen Merchant, environmental studies; BA.

Red Lodge: Ed Engler, computer desktop/network support; AAS. Tonya Heike Kosorok, school counseling; MED. Jody A. McCampbell, paramedic; AAS. Reed Point: ***Jessica Wade, English; BA. **Jennifer Langford, history-teaching option; BA. **Jennifer Langford, special education-secondary: BS. Katinka Bibiana Hufnagl, psychology; BA. Andrea E. Leicht, early childhood; MED.

Richland: *Beth M. Stahl, liberal studies; BS. Roberts: **Nadene Lorna Falagan, elementary education; BS. **Seara Leone Stovall, elementary education; BS. Roundup: +Julie P. Zamrzla, radiologic technology; AAS. Michele Lee Goffena, psychology; BS. Christopher R. Lind, organizational communication; BA. Zachary Neil Watkins, management; BS. Wayne L. Wilkinson, management; BS. Roy: Lewis O'Rife, human resources; AS.

Savage: **Talina L. Tombre, special education and elementary education; BS. Scobey: *Aubourn Leigh Kjensmo, elementary education; BS. Danielle Dee Hammar, medical assistant; AAS. Jay William Hoversland, art teaching option; BA. Shelby: Peter N. Benjamin, paramedic; AAS. Clyde G. Darrah, health administration; M.

Shepherd: ***Patricia K. Martin, elementary education; BS. *Rockwell Hinkle, English; BA. *Nicole Elyss Langman, psychology; BS. Tina Iline Fisher, networking technology; CERT. Trevor P. Sieler, diesel technology; AAS. Carla R. Zimmerman, practical nurse; AAS.

Sidney: *Heather C. Smelser, special education and elementary education; BS. +Annie M. Lynde, accounting technology; AAS. Colby Wade Braun, automobile collision repair and refinishing; AAS. William James Hoff, mass communication; BA. Brandon MacGrady, welding and metal fabrication technology; CERT. Cody Allyn Partin, automotive technology; AAS.

Stanford: ***Paula Marie Hawkey, management and marketing; BS. Sun River: Anthony L. Bailey, human resources; AS. Sunburst: *Edna Streit, liberal studies; BS.

Terry: +Laini Joy Varner, radiologic technology; AAS. Three Forks: Donald Lee Clark, drafting and design technology; AAS. Townsend: Holly Joy Barnhart-Detienne, liberal studies; BS. Claudine Marie Beaudry, interdisciplinary studies; MED.

Vida: +Jana L. Schillinger, radiologic technology; AAS. David Pena, English teaching option; BA.

West Yellowstone: *Karen J. Fusselman, liberal studies; BS. White Sulphur Springs: Meredith Witt Feddes, special education heneralist; MS. Whitefish: *Kim L. Backen, applied science; B. Andrea Lee Donahue, health and human performance-teaching option; BS. Donald Walter Rupp, liberal studies; BS.

Whitehall: *Michelle Dawn Kinzer, special education and elementary education; BS. Whitewater: *Tamika May Haag, music teaching option and music performance; BA. Wibaux: Travis Michael Begger, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Tyler Hutchinson, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; AAS. Scott William Zinda, drafting & design technology; AAS.

Winifred: *Sheila Lorraine Donsbach, mathematics-teaching option; BS. Jason Alexander Cantu, elementary education; BS. Carmen Anne Ehlert, health and human performance-health performance option; BS. Winnett: Tara Bohn, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Ginny Cummings, music; BA.

Wolf Point: Reggie K. Anderson, liberal studies; BS. Tiffany Ann Sietsema, practical nurse; AAS. Worden: **Samantha D. Miller, accounting; BS. *Prudence Jo Hulman, special education and elementary education; BS. Arrow Lee Langston, elementary education; BS. Nichole Marie Larson, practical nurse; AAS. Wyola: Victoria Morning Falls Down, interdisciplinary studies; MED.

The following students are from states other than Montana:

ALASKA — Anchorage: Angela K. Henke, sport management; MS. Tara Madden, English-teaching option; BA. R. Brian White, management and marketing; BS. Palmer: Sandra Russell Ragsdale, reading; MED. Soldotna: Tara M. Madden, special education-secondary; BS. Tenakee Springs: Nathan Strong, interdisciplinary studies; MED

ARIZONA — Casa Grande: Brandon Levi Meyers, mass communication; BA. Safford: Renee Williams, athletic training; MS. Shonto: Althea L. James, health administration; BS.

ARKANSAS — El Dorado: James V. Havard, iterdisciplinary studies; BS.

CALIFORNIA — Agoura: Bethany Regina Verrillo, liberal studies; BS. Bakerfield: Sarah Henson, elementary education; BS. Brea: Jennifer Kirstin Skrifrars, elementary education; BS. Chino: Cameron David Munoz, liberal studies; BS. Foster City: Eric Anthony Faulks, health administration; BS. Hemet: Ryan William Doran, management; BS. Oak View: Garret Duane Stroup, drafting and design technology; AAS. Orange County: Hector Fried, sociology; BS. Poway: *Laurie Reilly, liberal studies; BS. Sacramento: *Ashley E. Hogsett, organizational communication; BA. San Jose: Sarah K. Bushnell, practical nurse; AAS. Jeffrey A. Ernst, sport management; MS. Santa Rosa: Carrie Marie Newport, general studies; AA.

COLORADO — Centennial: Phillip James Schlachter, liberal studies; BS. Denver: Megen Ann Wiersum, history; BA. Megen Ann Wiersum, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Rye: Amy M. Borthwick, accounting; BS.

FLORIDA — Orlando: Emelita Valenzuela, history-teaching option; BA. Oviedo: Sylvia Ann Wilson, liberal studies; BS.

GEORGIA — Newnan: Amanda Marie Morton, management and marketing; BS. Rome: Suzanne Michelle Green, psychology; MS.

HAWAII — Kahalu'u: Corina Ulu Aloha Mui-Lin Chun, art-teaching option; BA.

IDAHO — Chubbuck: Billie Marie Koeppen, liberal studies; BS. Pocatello: Kellie Lea Zeitner, liberal studies; BS.

ILLINOIS — Marengo: Jason T. Amundsen, health and human performance-teaching certificate option; BS. Jason T. Amundsen, interdisciplinary studies; MED.

MINNESOTA — Chaska: Brian Joseph Kasid, history; BA. Edina: *Jill Evonne Westendorp Stout, art-teaching option; BA.

MISSISSIPPI — Meridian: Trichele N. Reese, liberal studies; BS.

NEBRASKA — Hyannis: Katrina L. Johnson, psychology; MS. Omaha: Daniel F. Hester, computer desktop/network support; AAS.

NEW MEXICO — Albuquerque: Kimberly Hatheway McDonald, elementary education; BS. Virden: Terra Lynn Strain, athletic education; MS.

NORTH CAROLINA — Camp Lejeune: **Nicole Marie Keltner, human services; BS. Minnesott Beach: Matthew D. Simpson, management; BS.

NORTH DAKOTA — Beach: ++Jessica Tescher, human resources; AS. Danielle Marie Koppinger, management and marketing; BS. Belcourt: Nichole R. Butts, special education generalist; MS. Des Lacs: Amber Jean Kaljian, elementary education; BS. Dickinson: Adrian Bieber, diesel technology; AAS. Jamestown: Linda Gail Kinzler, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Robyn R. Throlson, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Mandan: **Esther Mae Schafer, history-teaching option; BA. Tuttle: James Zerr, management; BS.

OHIO — Cleveland: **Kimberly Mae Hansen, health and physical education; BS. **Kimberly Mae Hansen, health and human performance-human performance option; BS.

OREGON — Beaverton: *Kay Inez Kelly, liberal studies; BS. West Linn: *Adrienne Blair White, organizational communication; BA.

SOUTH DAKOTA — Aberdeen: Jean A. Wall, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Bristol: Joan Biersbach, special education generalist; MS. Amy Marie Peckham, special education generalist, MS. Custer: **Samuel Alden Hartpence, mathematics-teaching option; BS. Gettysburg: Mary Kathryn Cole, special education generalist; MS. Isabel: James David Rollason, paramedic; AAS. Kimball: Steven P. Resick, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Pierre: +Christopher Voller, paramedic; AAS. Kathryn Clarice Patten, special education generalist; MS. Eric Weiss, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS.

Rapid City: Mallory Anne Clarkson, liberal studies; BS. Jason Neil Culberson, liberal studies; BS. Redfield: Twyla D. Eggers, rehabilitation and counseling; MS. Mary Jo Lesselyoung, rehabilitation and counseling; MS. Sioux Falls: Debra Ann Brinkman, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Spearfish: Brooke Maurean Baker, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Lacey E. Humbracht, human services; BS. Thunder Butte: Rhea J. Tom, public administration; M. Twin Brooks: Darla Rae McKerman, special education generalist; MS.

TEXAS — Aledo: Danna L. Frank, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Eastland: ++Amber Rene Nelson, general studies; AS. Seagoville: Amy Hobin, human services; BS.

UTAH — Provo: *Natalie Bills, human services; BS.

VIRGINA — Dale City: **Merleen Virginia Hirschi, human services; BS.

WASHINGTON — Bremerton: Matthew Robert Anderson, mass communication; BA. Okanogan: Paula Christine Fletcher, special education generalist; MS. Spokane: Elizabeth S, Ellison, organizational communication; BA. Tumwater: SusanLin Siu Wai DeMoss, management; BS. Wapato: Shawna Leolani Francisco, athletic training; MS.

WISCONSON — Appleton: Ryan John Koga, athletic training; MS. Kenesha: Rory Daniel Griffin, environmental studies; BA. Waupaca: Aaron Bryers, interdisciplinary studies; MED.

WYOMING — Basin: Kami Jo Reuter, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Buffalo: Darcy Rae McDonnell, accounting; BS. Casper: **Cody Lou Taubert, history-teaching option; BA. **Cody Lout Taubert, special education-secondary; BS. **Yacine Amir Zerizef, finance and information systems; BS. *Megan K. Geis, liberal studies; BS. Clearmont: Kristin Joanne Baule, administrative assistant; AAS. Cody: Kyle Bales, biology; BS. Sean D. McGary, sport management; MS.

Gillette: **Rachel LaNae Eldeen, elementary education; BS. +Heather Ann Miller, radiologic technology; AAS. Samuel D. Anderson, paramedic; AAS. Joshua Martin Crump, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration; BA. Anna M. Garman, environmental studies; BA. Chrisondra R. Goetz, general studies; AS. Natasha L. Stahla, management and marketing; BS. Jessica Rae Zinner, mass communication; BA.

Glenrock: Brenda Irene Huck, general studies; AS. Green River: Carra Lee Thompson, school counseling; MED. Greybull: **Christy D. Schwartz, English; BA. Jackson: Krista Leigh Stevens, interdisciplinary studies; MED. Kelly: Polly Cooper, interdisciplinary studies; MED.

Lander: **Jess Feldtmann, health and human performance option; BS. Eric James Siwik, fire science; AS. Laramie: Brian William Palmer, Spanish; BA. Lovell: Katherine Fink, general studies; AS.

Pavillion: Boone D. Jones, management; BS. Kayse Rae Snyder, psychology; BS. Powell: **Kaela Nelson, finance; BS. *Thomas Carl Walker, liberal studies; BS. David H. Skelton, liberal studies; BS.

Riverton: Dallas C. Myers II, special education generalist; MS. Whitney N. Romer, human services; BS. Danyne A. Stickels, human services; BS. Rock Springs: *Jesse Neil Spann, finance; BS.

Sheridan: *Ronda Charlson, elementary education; BS. Dianne M. O'Dell, practical nurse; MS. Juanita S. Ross, rehabilitation and mental health counseling; MS. Sundance: April Ann Klocker, environmental studies; BA.

Thermopolis: Robert Dean Gottula, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and Refrigeration; AAS. Worland: **Laura Marie Bradshaw, elementary education; BS. *Carey Lynn Gill, human services; BS. Amity F, Heller, psychology; BS. Angela Miller, medical assistant; AAS.

The following are international students:

CANADA — Lethbridge, Alberta: Shelly Other Medicine, management; BS. Surrey, British Columbia: Onika Lee Van Zanten, sport management; MS.

GERMANY — Wolfenbuttel: Moritz Wohlers, management; BS.

JAPAN — Hiroshima: Toshiko Takata, liberal studies; BS. Japan: Yukiko Fujiya, liberal studies; BS. Kanagawa: Hironobu Ishii, liberal studies; BS. Osaka: Yuji Kako, liberal studies; BS.

PANAMA — Digna E. Caufield, Spanish-teaching option; BA.

TAIWAN — Taipei: Hsin-Ching Chang, early childhood; MED.

UKRAINE — Kiev: Andriy Zakharchenko, information systems; BS.

VIRGIN ISLANDS — Lexington: Catherine Schielke McDaniel, special education generalist; MS health and human p

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