About eight hours after Rocky Mountain College President Robert Wilmouth received an ice bucket challenge from the football team via Facebook, he accepted.

Wilmouth walked out of Prescott Hall, in a suit, a few minutes past 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

His cabinet — consisting of Vice President for Institutional Advancement Kelly Edwards, Chief Financial Officer Karla Mongeon-Stewart, Athletic Director Bruce Parker, Academic Vice President Steve Gammon and Vice President of Student Affairs Brad Nason — followed.

At their feet: six ice-filled tin buckets adorned with the Rocky Mountain College logo.

“We accept the ALS challenge. In fact, we challenge Carroll College and MSUB’s cabinet to do the same thing. Thank you all for coming. Let’s let it happen,” Wilmouth said.

Montana State University Billings Chancellor Mark Nook responded by taking the challenge himself. 

A group of cheerleaders hoisted the buckets over their heads, drenching the president and his cabinet. As the water came down, the crowd cheered.

About 60 people came out and watched, including the football team, who came from practice in full pads.

Hours earlier, about 10 members of the football team took the ALS ice bucket challenge, getting a tractor bucket of icy, cold water dumped on them.

But before their ice bath, they challenged the president and the cabinet to do the same.

The ice bucket challenge is a fundraiser that has gone viral, raising more than $22.9 million for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, according to the ALS Association, a nationwide research and advocacy association for the disease.

The way the challenge works is simple. Someone calls someone out on Facebook, and then that person has 24 hours to either dump a bucket of ice cold water on their heads and call someone else out, or they can donate $100 to fund research for fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Wilmouth said that in addition to getting ice dumped on their heads, they planned to donate $500 to the ALS Association.

”Let’s do it again!” he screamed to the crowd after he got drenched.

The newly appointed Montana State University Billings Chancellor Mark Nook posted Tuesday afternoon on Facebook a video of himself taking the ice bucket challenge.

The video came after he was challenged by Jeff Rosenberry, the MSUB interim director of housing and student life, and by James Limbaugh, the chancellor at Montana State University-Northern. 

Before getting soaked by two jugs of water, Nook challenged one of his friends at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota and Rocky's Wilmouth. 


Nick is a general assignment reporter for The Billings Gazette

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