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The American Legion Boys State was held at Carroll College in Helena June 9-14. Billings delegates attending the sessions include Kevin Bruhaug, Joshua Moller, Kevin Angland, Jacob Woodring, Nickolas Preston, Gerald Giebink and Bruce Curry from Senior High; Jacob Yakawich, Stuart Dilts, Bryce Hawbaker, Marshall Smith, Joseph Thompson, Hunter Harrison, Ben D’Alton, Dayton Gogdill, Drew Gerber, Connor Larson and Egan Holt-Seavy from Central High; Austin Stevens, Kevin Rietz, Brennan Hawsey, Grant Linde, Braydon White, Parker Pearsall, Evan Quarles and Logan Laird from West High; and Skylar Passon, Eric Hansen, Riley Manfull, Landyn Manfull and Dayton Willoughby of Skyview High.

In the service

Davis T. Brush, of Billings, graduated in the top 10 percent of his class with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and a minor in Japanese from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colo. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force and will attend Air Battle Manager training at Tyndall AFB, Fla. A 2009 graduate of Billings West High, he is the son of Doretta Brush, of Billings, and Mitchell and Blaire Brush, of Fairfax, Va.

In the schools

Tiana Hanson, of Shepherd, is the winner of a $4,000 college scholarship from Phillips 66’s Dependent Scholarship Program. Based on academic excellence, community and financial need, the scholarship is awarded to a college-bound student whose parents work for the company or one of its subsidiaries.

Marcus Johnson, of Billings, graduated from Montana Tech in Butte with a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering.

The following Billings students had at least a 3.5 GPA and earned a spot on the spring semester dean’s list at University of Portland: Katherine Cummins, Kevin Klee, Michael Bruschwein and Shannon Hagan.

Triangle Communications makes up to 40 $1,000 scholarships available to undergraduate students attending an accredited university, college or trade school and whose family receives local telephone service from Triangle. Locally, Casey Penney, of Molt, was selected for one of the scholarships based on a complete online application, academic performance, leadership, achievements, employment, volunteerism and a personal statement.

Barbara Otey, of Billings, was named to the winter term dean's list for with a 3.5 or better GPA at Alma College in Alma, Mich.

Dylan Woods, of Shepherd, state officer of public relations of the Montana Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, attended the annual State Officer Leadership Camp May 31-June 2 at Big Sky Bible Camp near Bigfork. Twenty four outstanding high school students had the opportunity to travel to a leadership training and program planning camp. The state officers represented Montana Career and Technical Student Organizations, which included members from Business Professionals of America, FCCLA, Skills USA, and HOSA-Future Health Professionals. The officers participated in a team-building ropes course, program planning and leadership training. Student officers also had team meetings with their specific organizations. The 2014 State Leadership Conference is to be held in Billings in March.

Alex Christian Klatt, of Billings, has been selected to participate in the Emerging Leaders Program at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tenn. The program is a four-year leadership and academic scholarship program designed to contribute significantly to a balanced, well-rounded college experience. Students participate in intensive leadership training, including classroom instruction, workshops and community projects, and active engagement in campus and community organizations.

Jenna Kaiser, of Billings, was named to the honorable mention roll at McPherson College in McPherson, Kan.

Sara Morledge-Hampton, of Billings, earned a spot on the spring semester dean’s list at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Calif.

On the dean’s list at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, S.D., are Christine Ray, of Billings, and Josh Barta, of Laurel.

Billings students have been named to the dean’s list at Montana State University Billings.

Those students with a 4.00 GPA include Tyler Aarness, Chelsey Amini-Duenow, Serena Anderson, Scott Atkinson, Briana Baeten,Brandi Baker, Jacqueline Barton, Rebecca Baumgardener, Hannah Beatty, Heather Behling, Apollo Bradford, Crystal Busby, Gregory Carpenter, Christopher Carr, Ashley Chouinard, Gloria Clark, Anna Contreras, Blake Davis, Abby Elliott, Daniel Everson, Michael Fabricius, Taylor Faught, Richard Francis, Bridget Fredenburg, Lori Fryett, Cody Goodman, Anna Haaland, Chasmin Haggerty, Olivia Heidinger, Laurissa Herbert, Gregory Hickle, Corrie Holm, Ryan Holm, Celeste Horton, Katherine Howland, Darrell Jaeger, Kelsey Johnson, Laura Johnson, Shawn Karls, Jenna Keller, Nathaniel Kelley, Lara Kenyon, Korilynn Kessler, Kaylee Kimmet, Marilyn Klein, Ashley Korf, Esther Landrie, Jackie LaVe, Faith LeFevre, Sarah Leichner, Joerell Loudermilk, Makala Lowe, Nicholas Maclean, Donita Magnuson, Callie Marcotte, Adam Marman, Tabitha Maust, Tanner Meitzel, Katelynn Meyer, Stephen Miller, Jessica Moore, Molly Morgan, Landon Morris, Kelsey Munsell, Richard Nixon, Sally Nixon, Ellen ODonnell, Darryl Ostermiller, Timothy Poland, Amber Poynter, Adam Prevost, Emma Quinn, Emily Rankin, Shaylond Reay, Jennifer Redinger, Jaucelyn Richter, Nicole Riddle, Lauren Riehl, Lynn Roach, Alescia Roberts, John Roberts, Shelby Rowse, Thomas Rye, Hannah Sanders, Matthew Schaefer, Jedrick Schatz, Angela Schell, Phillip Shelton, Nik Sinhold, Kalli Rose Sizemore, Casey Smith, Timothy Soucy, Jason Springstead, Shaun Stanley, Cierra Stein, Douglas Stepina, James Stiles, Dayna Thompson, Marcus Thornson, Julie Tonnsen, Kyle Vierthaler, Vanessa Waller, Helen Webber, Keith Weidman, Rachel Weitz, Kassandra Welch, Elijah Wickenburg, Jeffrey Wilkins, Darylynn Wirtala, Riley Wisler, Emily Woegens, Astrid Woods, Joseph Wyatt, Naomi Yakawich, Nicole Yurt and Beau Zygmond.

Montana State University Billings students on the honor roll with a GPA of 3.50-3.99 include: Abdullah AlAttiyah, Ali AlSughairat, Kelsey Amini, Brittani Anderson, Derrick Anderson, Michelle Anderson, Brittney Angermeier, MaKyla Archuleta, Ryan Asleson, Abdullah Bahomid, Adrianne Baker, Cassandrah Baker, Randi Barber, Mayra Barthuly, Jeremiah Behounek, Edwin Bender, Jessica Billings, Alicia Blank, Tiffany Bogy, Kandi Bond, Kayla Booke, Sarah Botz, Adam Bracken, Houston Bradbury, Annette Bratz, Mckinsey Breeding, Kyle Breshears, Karen Brock, Cheri Brown, Chelsea Bruget, Justin Brun, Amber Brunner, Nickalas Buciuman, Leeann Burley, Jesse Burns, Ryan Burst, April Buscher, Cassidy Butler, Travis Cady, Leah Campbell, Michael Campbell, Tenika Capouch, Joseph Carlson, Kailey Carter-Zitterkopf, Mariah Cattaneo, Ray Chapa, Rachel Chevalier, Aubrie Claassen, Amanda Clark, Kelsey Clark, Mariah Cleveland, Jeremy Conzelman, Jesse Corcoran, Tessa Cunneen, Heather Cunning, Chelsea Czeczel, Kevin Davis, Marjorie Davis, Jeffery Day, Nathaniel Debats, Courtney DeBuff, Logan Deeney, Matthew Devitt, Charity Dewing, Enrique Diaz, Megan Dibble, Morgan Ditto, Samantha Doane, Jennifer Downing, Colter Eaton, Royce Edmiaston, Katie Edwards, Norma Eggebrecht, Zadoc Ellerd, James Ellis, Alyssa Elm, Kathryn Epley, Matthew Erickson, Katelyn Escene, Jordan Everett, Callie Farrar, Adam Feralio, Ryan Ferguson, Stephanie Ferguson, Austin Finn, Sara Fisher, Jonathan Flores, Darryl Ford, Jessica Frank, Melanie Frickle, Jeremy Fuhrman, Lynea Gerbasi, Jodi Gilligan, Kayleen Goggins, Brittany Gonzales, Ainsley Goodrich, Daniel Gordon, Connor Graves, Ethan Gray, Jeremy Greenfield, Holly Grob, Chelsey Hall, Keyleigh Hamman, Patricia Hampton, Theodore Hampton, Zoie Hanley, Austin Hanser, Adam Hanson, Kari Harcharik, Tyler Harlow, Lisa Hart, Eric Hartl, Courtney Harvey, DevonJames Hedin, Tanner Hermanson, Garth Heser, Garrett Heywood, Luke Hill, Jessica Hilliard, Casey Hogue, Lacy Hollis, John Horacek, Kristen Horton, Anna Hovland, Dexter Humphrey, Makaya Hunemuller, Mandy Hurr, Kemper Hutch, Brittany Hyde, Kayla Ireton, Mandee Jackson, Hannah Jacobsen, Brittanie Javier, Baylee Jennings, Austrin Johnson, Cary Jorgensen, Bethany Keeler, Rachel Keil, Kyle Keller, Casey Kennedy, Devin Kennedy, Chelsea Kenyon, Andrea Ketterling, David Kibbe, Angela King, Ross Kinsey, Annie Kish, Gregory Kline, Anica Knispel, Bradley Knutson, Carrie Kragt, Paige Kramer, Nicole Kucera, Lacey Kuntz, Tyson Kuntz, Monique LaCroix, Crystal Lamm, Brenda Landrie, Decee Lang, David Larson, James Lavenger, Nichole Lehnen, Kimberly Lemke, Blake Loran, Cerise Lucas Nagel, Telsa Madden, Darby Magnuson, Katie Malenowsky, Brittany Mann, Terrin Mann, Richelle Marquess, Rebecca McAllister, Stephanie McClain, Eloy Medina, Calvin Mende, Tamra Middleton, Christopher Miller, Joel Miller, Kellie Miller, Tracey Miller, Warren Minnis, Dillon Mitchell, Kaitlin Monday, Joshua Monson, Michael Montoya, Brandon Moore, Stephanie Moore, Noel Morris, Kenneth Morse, Megan Murphy, Tyler Murray, Forrest Murter, Charles Nava, Melanie Neale, Amy Nelstead, Sara Ness, Hartley Neuhardt, William Neville, Kristine Newell, Shauna Newton, Laura Nugent, Hannah Nurre, Janiel Olson, Carolyn Oringer, Chelsy Ortloff, Mikara Ostermiller, Kristi Patterson, Alicia Pavey, Kyle Payne, Alexandria Pedigo, Rustin Pegar, Michelle Polak, Lewis Polkow, Christina Polkowske, Margarita Pollock, Quincey Pope, Jeremy Price, Allan Roberts, Katelyn Robertson, Danielle Robinson, Erin Robinson, John Robinson, Carrie Rogers, Whitley Roll, Micah Rose, Shane Rossetto, Kailyn Rowe, Kristin Rude, Lisa Rudolph, Jacob Salyer, Rachel Sample, Blaze Sand, Benjamin Sanger, Stephanie Schaff, Jadie Schatz, Jerica Schatz, Mike Schmidt, Shelby Schneider, Destiny Schuck, Chelsea Schwartz, Erica Schwartzkopf, Maria Selvig, Kayla Shandy, Jordan Shelton, Sydne Sherman, Darci Silbernagel, Ammarritta Simpson, Tina Simpson, Jennifer Sinclair, Gina Skau, Jamie Slaugh, Sean Slaugh, Anne Smith, Madison Smith, Trabias Smith, Amy Soape, Adam Somers, Kari Sparrow, Shaun Spencer, Katrina Sprankel, Thomas Staffileno, Dillon Standley, Jenifer Steilen, Terri Steinbrink, Chad Stevenson, Jonelle Still, Jennifer Stone, Lexi Strong, Samuel Stumberg, Emma Sullivan, Lynnea Swanke, Kayla Taylor, Jeremiah Thompson, Cody Thormahlen, Justin Tinnes, Jaclyn Tobin, Amanda Todd, Kimberly Tripp, Dustin Turnbull, Brianna Turnquist, Kylie Tuttle, Carly Tvetene, Bryan Ulledalen, John Vandermolen, Colin Vandongen, Derek Vetch, Mark Voss, Sara Wagner, Laura Walker, Diana Wall, Chelsey Walter, Maranda Warren, Morgan Webber, Jason Webster, Anna Weidinger, Sally Weinand, Amy Weisz, Joseph Weitz, Lauren Weller, Anica Wickenburg, Richard Williams, Robert Williams, Kaila Willoughby, Shawna Willoughby, Jesse Wilson, Andrew Winter, Jamie Winter, Nikolas Wong, Sami Young, Abdul Yusif, Andrew Zawislanski, Sommer Zent, Katria Ziegler and Amanda Zimmerman.

Local students from the Billings area have been named to the dean’s list at Montana State University Billings with a GPA of 3.50 or better. Those students earning a 4.0 GPA have an * after their name.

Absarokee: Nicole Burkey*, Chris McCann, Crystal Whiteaker.

Acton: Julie Huggins.

Ballantine: Philip Botch, Douglas Oltrogge, Kaylee Stark.

Bridger: Alexandria Stevenson.

Broadview: Kelsey Bymaster, Jessica Hougardy, Lucas O'Neill, Angela Reinhardt.

Columbus: Jamie Blotske, Katherine Bracken*, Ashley Burdette, Tiffini Frank, Hope Grayson, Kathleen Hanson, Bridger Kellogg, Lindsay Kellogg, Michael McDaniel, Michael Mullikin, Roberta Pulse, Tia Robinette, Lana Scott, Sarah Witt.

Edgar: Keshia Barber.

Fromberg: Sunny Guenthner, Lindsey Jones, Daniel Stapleton, Michael Stricker*.

Hardin: Erin Guay, Lawna Hergenrider, Ellyn Keller, Samual Laci, Amanda Lemon*, Jon Maine, Sara Pretty Weasel.

Huntley: Terrina Bellew, Holly Bradshaw, Samantha Finch, Aubree Honcoop, Patrick Mueller*, Kaycee Zieske.

Joliet: Cheryl Denton, Jacob Gruel, Tyler Ketterling, Joshua Lee*, Christian Watts.

Laurel: Dylan Ceaser, Toni DelPizzo, Jasmine Drange, Alicia Elsenpeter, Courtnie Fisher*, Audrey Flanagan, Mary Golden, Amber Gunter*, Charleen Howie, Renae Hunt, Paige Ingram, Tawnya Kenyon, Jennifer Knaub, Mikayla Maida*, Robert Mann, Eve Mann, Anna Mcmurrey, Jordyn Miller, Matthew Miller, Crystal Nielsen, Jordan Odonnell, Carla Penne, Catherine Shelton, Morgan Thurman, Meagan Tompkins, Michael Wren, Dane Yeager.

Lavina: Tabetha Rindahl.

Park City: Justin Anest, Kyle Arnold*, Norris Cole, Jesse Daffin, Ginny Davidson, Jodi Kinn*, Kevin Kinney, Autumn Maxwell, Holli Michael, Michael Nash*.

Pompeys Pillar: Bryan Steiger*.

Pryor: Kimberley Gelfarth, Sarah Minks.

Red Lodge: Kayce Anders*, Mary Fitzgerald, Patricia Langemeier, Melissa Mcjunkin*, Gabriella Russell, Tracy Thormahlen*.

Roberts: Aunna Bertolino, Taylor Sidwell.

Roscoe: Ali Crawford.

Roundup: Kaycee Anderson, Anna Dembek, Kristy Reynolds*.

Shepherd: Amanda Bagley, Tina Downing*, Brandon Hammond*, Michael Heidema, Ashley Klaassen, Lowell Knowlen, Rachael Neitzel, Sean Owens*, Benjamin Shipp, Lakota Stahl*, Devon Sutton, Ashley Virag.

Silesia: James Burrow.

Worden: Keith Wectawski*.

Alex Flanagan and Lancelllot Karklin, both of Billings, earned places on the president’s list with a GPA of 4.0 at LaTourneau University in Longview, Texas.

Lee Holliday graduated from Dickinson State University in Dickinson, N.D., with a bachelor of science degree in agricultural studies.

Academic rolls from Dickinson State University in Dickinson, N.D. have been posted. On the president’s list with a minimum GPA of 3.9 is Marissa M. Stanton, of Billings. On the dean’s list with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are Dustin Brady Sandbak and James M. Stanton, both of Billings.

Local students are on the spring semester honor rolls at Montana Tech in Butte. A student who earns a 4.0 GPA is placed on the chancellor’s honor roll. Those earning a 3.5 GPA are on the dean’s list, and students who earn a 3.25 GPA are listed on the honor roll.

Chancellor’s honor roll: Mark Romain, of Billings.

Dean’s list: Jacob J. Berry, Bridger D. Blain, Philip D. Goffena, Courtney M. Greyn, Ryan M. Guelff, Jeffrey M. Hall, Marcus D. Johnson, Nathan E. Kobold, Cole T. Kratochvil, Daniel S. Lauver, Cole H. Moller, Dillon J. Mydland, Daniel N. Nesovic, Allan A. Olsen, Aaron J. Paine, Brian W. Schwarzkoph, Tyson J. Shriver, Nolan T. Smith, Elizabeth C. Speare, Bryce L. Worthington, all of Billings; Cole D. Schwend, of Bridger; Robert D. Corson, of Columbus; Lane T. Baumann and Michelle A. Hodges, both of Hardin; Eric T. Riveland, of Park City; Christopher S. Atherly, Ramon Hidalgo and Antoinette J. Reichert, all of Red Lodge; Edmund Kimmel, of Roundup; Tyann L. Kuehn, of Shepherd, and Jordan L. Waldhauser, of Worden.

Honor roll: Bryce A. Abstetar, Jordan F. Heringer, Myles M. Muretta, Michael E. Schweigert and Megan L. Valdez, all of Billings; Ty L. Albert, of Hardin; Christopher R. Bulau, Derrick G. Downing and Joshua D. Seiffert, all of Red Lodge; Samuel R. Dembek, of Roundup, and Parker J. Adkins, of Worden.

Local students have been named to the spring semester honor rolls at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo. To be listed on the president’s honor roll, students must complete at least 12 semester hours of college-level coursework with a 4.0 grade point average. Students qualifying for the vice president's honor roll completed the same level course work with a minimum grade point average of 3.50 on a 4.0 scale. For the deans honor roll, students must have earned a minimum of six credit hours in college-level coursework with at least a 3.5 semester grade point average.

President’s honor roll: Rebecca Harrington and Patty Sticka, both of Billings; Susan Leonard and Sabine Louis, both of Red Lodge.

Vice president’s honor roll: Alyssa Bessey, Quintin Brown, Emily Conway, Rachel Kelly, Cody McDougall and Katherine Slacks, all of Billings; Tyler Greenwood, of Boyd; Laura Reinhardt, of Broadview; Audra Bintz, of Fishtail; Kylee Gruel, of Fromberg; Alexander Songstad, of Joliet; Andrew Dimich, Allison Hudak and Zachariah Larson, all of Red Lodge; Kylee McDonnell, of Roberts; and Brittney Sallee and Ashlie Tate, both of Shepherd.

Dean’s honor roll: Audrey Walleser, of Edgar; Deaver Alden, of Hardin; Natasha McLaughlin, of Joliet; Amanda Scruggs, of Laurel, and Erin Bulau and Maureen Lewis, both of Red Lodge.

Leah Moak, of Billings, earned a MS in biomedical visual from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Applied Health Sciences.

Billings students graduating from Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore., are Reilly Elizabeth Everaert (cum laude) with a bachelor of arts degree in political science and Haydn Addie Nason with a bachelor of arts degree in mass communication.

Billings students named to the spring dean’s list at Great Falls College MSU are Teresa Anderson (4.0 GPA) and Susan Healy.

Ashley Elizabeth Davie, of Billings, was named to the president’s honor roll for the spring semester at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash.

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