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The Downtown Exchange Club of Billings held the election for officers and board of directors. Those elected include Brandon Berger, Big Sky Economic Development, president; Lisa Von Laven, Entre Technology Services, president-elect; Dax Simek, Morrison Maierle, vice-president; Ron Cole, Montana Peterbilt, treasurer; Michael Lee, Mike Lee Financial Connections, LLC, secretary, and Jeff Winkler, HGFA Architects, past president.

On the board of directors are: (three-year term) Racquel Kaelberer, Payne West; Susan Schloss, Underriner Motors, and Dusty Young, Copy Right; (two-year term) Ed Lawler, Billings Dental Clinic; Melodie McDermott, Buddy Dog Walk and Peacemaker Ministries, and Jens Selvig III, Jens Selvig Photography; (one-year term) Trina Besel, Mann Mortgage; Tom Krause, Rimrock Mall, and Jennifer Mercer, Billings Depot. Jerry Michels is an ad hoc board member.

(7 PHOTOS)Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley has announced the 2014-2015 board of director’s executive committee and new board members: Shane Colton, attorney, Edmiston & Colton, president; Deb Peters, MSU Billings, vice president; Roger Williams, community volunteer, secretary; Spencer Smith, community volunteer, treasurer; and Andy Rio, Little Horn State Bank, past president. New board members are Kathie Todd, community volunteer; Steve Restad, St. Vincent Healthcare; Brian Brown, First Interstate Bank, and Jodie Hart, community volunteer. The organization, formerly Interfaith Hospitality Network, is a community of 26 Billings religious congregations and more than 1,400 volunteers that provide meals, shelter and safe, non-judgmental environments for families experiencing homelessness. Congregations rotate weekly providing hospitality and basic needs to homeless families.

In the schools

Those on the honor rolls for the spring semester at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo., are:

President’s honor roll (with a 4.0 GPA and 12 semester hours): Allison Hudak of Red Lodge.

Vice president’s honor roll (with at least a 3.5 GPA and 12 semester hours): Ashlee Fritzler, Kaona Howe, Jessica Kugler, Nicholas Palmer, Dietrich Schwartz, Katherine Slacks and Cameron Sticka, all of Billings; Tyler Greenwood of Boyd; Dillon Thomas of Bridger; Taylor Schultz and Hayden Skeman, both of Columbus; Audra Bintz of Fishtail; Bobby Dorvall of Fromberg; Amy Robinson of Joliet; Travis Russell of Nye; Susan Cross and Andrew Dimich, both of Red Lodge; Joshua Bohleen and Cody Williamson, both of Roberts; Brittney Sallee of Shepherd.

Dean’s honor roll (with at least a 3.5 GPA and six credit hours): Jamie Lakko and Hope Martin, both of Billings; Adam Schaak of Hardin; Amanda Scruggs of Laurel; Jillian Aukema and Deseree Feller, both of Red Lodge.

Maggie O’Leary, a junior at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, has been named the winner of the 2014 Dru Sjodin Memorial Scholarship. She will be provided funding toward tuition and fees for a full academic year. O’Leary, of Billings, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English through the College of Arts & Sciences with minors in political science and women and gender studies. She serves on the Presidential Advisory Council on Women’s Issues, is active within the UND Women’s Center and helped establish a new student organization called the Third Wave, which recognizes social inequalities based on gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic background, and physical ability. She was presented with the award at the UND Leadership Awards ceremony.

Billings students at Montana State University Billings who earned 12 or more credits and a GPA of 3.50 or better have been named to the dean’s list for the spring semester.

The following Billings students earned a 4.0 GPA: Kourtnei Adams, Kelsey Amini, MaKyla Archuleta, Scott Atkinson, Briana Baeten, Adrianne Baker, Kevin Barth, Rebecca Baumgardener, Chad Bernhardt, Ashley Bertrand, Todd Bierman, Trevor Biondich, Corey Brewington, Jeremy Brooks, Kathleen Carlson, Danielle Casey, Kasie Christensen, Daniel Desin, Maggie Ellis, Olga Emig, Richard Francis, Lori Fryett, Jennifer Grant, Jeremy Greenfield, Holly Grob, Chasmin Haggerty, Savanah Hansen, Kari Harcharik, Eric Hartl, Garth Heser, Amy Hill, Lindsey Holzwarth, John Horacek, Dexter Humphrey, Mandy Hurr, Hannah Jacobsen, Darrell Jaeger, Kelsey Johnson, Laura Johnson, Korilynn Kessler, Arthur Kestner, Kaylee Kimmet, Gregory King, David Kobold, Paige Kramer, Jordan Leclair, Brenna Livingston, Blake Loran, Shayna Loran, Nicholas Maclean, Adam Marman, Amy Martzolf, Tabitha Maust, Lindsey Mclaughlin, Christopher Miller, Joel Miller, Tracey Miller, Stephanie Moore, Kelsey Munsell, Amy Nelstead, Kaj Nicholson, Tracy Nitschke, Jennifer O'Brien, Craig Oram, Lewis Polkow, Marissa Pool, John Putz, Kaitlyn Rangitsch, Erin Robinson, Norma Romersa, Robert Ross, Sierra Ross, April Sanchez, Jadie Schatz, Jerica Schatz, Sarah Schied, Mike Schmidt, Courtney Senini, Phillip Shelton, Kalli Rose Sizemore, Casey Smith, Pedro Sosa, Thomas Staffileno, Courtney Stamm, Terri Steinbrink, Ezra Stewart, Keegan Taft, Dayna Thompson, Cody Thormahlen, Kimberly Tripp, Brianna Turnquist, Diana Wall, Maranda Warren, Helen Webber, Darylynn Wirtala, Astrid Woods, Naomi Yakawich, Joshua Zeeck.

The following students from Billings attained a 3.5-3.99 GPA at Montana State University Billings: Omar AlAqil, Abdullah AlAttiyah, Nathan Allen, Khalid AlRawaji, Derrick Anderson, Julie Anderson, Robert Ashmore, Ryan Asleson, Abdullah Bahomid, Tamara Barnhart, Michael Bartholic, Jacqueline Barton, Kailee Bauch, Kolby Beadnell, Ciera Bellamy, Daysi Bellota, Savannah Berg, Samuel Bettise, Alecia Blake, Lucas Blehm, Victoria Bliss, Elizabeth Blomback, Sarah Botz, Houston Bradbury, Apollo Bradford, Mckinsey Breeding, Tyler Briceno, Karen Brock, Cassandra Bronson, Rachel Brown, Amber Brunner, Elizabeth Bryson, Wyatt Burr, Crystal Busby, Cassidy Butler, Melanie Butts, Karin Calabrese, Tenika Capouch, Christopher Carr, Kailey Carter-Zitterkopf, Shae Chilton, Ashley Chouinard, Virginia Collins, Sara Conklin, Jeremy Conzelman, Nathaniel Debats, Kelly Deiling, Marissa Delser, Samantha Doane, Trae Dolan, Brittany Edelman, Alyssa Elm, Kathryn Epley, Judith Everett, Daniel Everson, Michael Fallon, Jehremy Felig, Stephanie Ferguson, Angie Fettig, Jonathan Flores, Jessica Frank, David Fredrickson, Jeremy Fuhrman, Jodi Gilligan, Matthew Godfrey, Kayleen Goggins, Ainsley Goodrich, Ethan Gray, Dana Grob, Heather Grosse, Jacqueline Guckeen, Blake Guess, Judah Guilford, Raeann Hackey, Sarah Hagel, Nichole Hagen, Ruby Hahn, Jessica Haley, Sheridan Halvorson, Theodore Hampton, Gunnar Hansen, Joshua Hansen, Katelyn Hansen, Austin Hanser, Craig Hanson, Jennifer Hardman, Ashley Hatmaker, Susan Hayes, Jacob Hedge, Tyler Helmbrecht, Anthony Henry, Tanner Hermanson, Gregory Hickle, Kyra Hilario, Parker Hildebrand, Jessica Hilliard, Zachary Hinkle, Corrie Holm, Ryan Holm, Brianna Holmes, Krista Hood, Belle Horman, Deborah Horton, Anna Hovland, Taylor Hutzenbiler, Brittany Hyde, Holly Ingwaldson, Trey Jacobsen, Madalyn Johnson, Jacey Kaczmarek, Shawn Karls, Hannah Kellinger, Chelsea Kenyon, Carmen Kercher, Ross Kinsey, Annie Kish, Matthew Knowlen, Manda Koelzer, Mattie Kopczynski, Benjamin Korf, Mandalee Koszuta, Kyla Kraft, Nicole Kucera, Monica Kuehn, Lacey Kuntz, Judith Lacy, Christopher Landrie, Esther Landrie, Decee Lang, Hope Laverman, Misty Law, Megan Lechner, Jamison Legg, Jerome Legg, Tyler Lehman, Abby Lewis, Kade Lienemann, Kristen Linn, Lesli Lodahl, Kirsten Loop, Paige Lueck, Deborah Lutton, Donita Magnuson, Katie Malenowsky, Holly Mangum, Heather Marchant, Richelle Marquess, Aaron Martin, Rebecca McAllister, David McDonald, Jeffrey McGough, Ryan McKee, Jonathan McKelvey, Ashley Meece, Daniel Mehrens, Katelynn Meyer, Tamra Middleton, Brandon Moline, Joshua Monson, Jenna Moreton, Noel Morris, Brady Muller, Timothy Mullowney, Joshua Munsell, Megan Murphy, Tyler Murray, Forrest Murter, Sara Nelson, Sara Ness, Shauna Newton, Chelsea Niebeling, Melissa Oderifero, Kelsey Oldham, James Olson, Janiel Olson, Connor Oltrogge, Kristi Patterson, Alicia Pavey, Amanda Peitz, Alana Perrin, Barbara Phillips, Kylee Pierce, Daniel Pitt, Silver Pool, Alyssa Radue, Sean Reed, Jordyn Reichert, Roxsand Reichert, Adam Reiter, Vanessa Richardson, Michaela Rimer, Scott Rimer, Tanna Roadhouse, Mindy Robbins, Danielle Roberts, Whitley Roll, Mark Romain, Jacob Ronan, Nicholas Roussos, Jacob Salyer, Danyelle Schmidt, Amber Schneider, Shelby Schneider, Wendy Schneider, Chelsea Schwartz, Kayla Shandy, Jordan Shelton, Sydne Sherman, Darci Silbernagel, Nik Sinhold, Jamie Slaugh, Anne Smith, Kaylin Soeby, Kari Sparrow, Kevin Stalker, Misty Staudinger, Jamee Stensland, James Stiles, Emma Sullivan, Dillon Sundheim, Rebecca Swanson, Diana Taylor, Kayla Taylor, Sarina Taylor, Victoria Tennant, Justin Terry, Amanda Teske, Bryce Thompson, Jaclyn Tobin, Julie Tonnsen, Matthew Tucker, Jennifer Turley, Carly Tvetene, Colin Van Dongen, Marissa Vanatta, Shaylin Varhelyi, Mackenzie Vincent, Jaylyn Waggener, Pamela Waite, Lynea Wallace, Andrew Walton, Yi Wang, Alison Watt, Jason Webster, Nathaniel Weinand, Lauren Weller, Sarah Williams, Brandon Willson, Jesse Wilson, Kathleen Wilson, Snidly Wilson, Jamie Winter, Eric Wolf, Matthew Woodard, Joseph Wyatt, Amy Yerger, Nicole Yurt, Kristina Zarbock, Rochelle Zaremski, Kraig Zeigler, Sommer Zent, Cherrice Zimmerman.

Students at Montana State University Billings from nearby towns other than Billings who earned 12 or more credits and a GPA of 3.50 or better have been named to the dean’s list for the spring semester. Those with an * after their name earned a 4.0 GPA. The students are:

Brenda Doerschel* of Absarokee; Julie Huggins and Amanda Townsend, both of Acton; Paulina Aplin, Amanda Felton, Michelle Freeman and Douglas Oltrogge, all of Ballantine; Alexandra Moore of Belfry; Kelsey Bymaster and Angela Reinhardt, both of Broadview; Jamie Blotske, Tiffini Frank, Kathleen Hanson*, Stevie Howell, Bridger Kellogg, Lindsay Kellogg*, Tonya Kissler, Emily Little, Rebecca Morgan, Aundrea Westin and Sarah Witt, all of Columbus; Trent Bauwens*, Sunny Guenthner, Jennifer Reed*, Michael Stricker* and Heather Torbert, all of Fromberg; Stephanie Carleton, Bailey Nedens, Kyle Schaff and Landa Uffelman, all of Hardin; Jasmine Dierenfield, Samantha Finch, Chris Henrichs, Aubree Honcoop and Matthew Wilson*, all of Huntley; Kaitlyn Culp, Morgan McQuillan, Carly Plourde, Seth Robertus, Robert Wallace and Christian Watts, all of Joliet; Ariel Berglee, Lyndsey Blohm, Emily Boileau, Katrina Brandenburg, Mackenzie Carpenter, Rachel Dahl*, Katie Day, Lisa Demarais*, Karissa DeRudder, Jasmine Drange, Courtnie Fisher*, Audrey Flanagan, Rebecca Haffey, Collyn Hons, Charleen Howie, Renae Hunt*, Paige Ingram, Josiah Laszloffy, Cory Letendre, Mikayla Maida*, Richard McFate, Jordyn Miller, Angela Mogan, Daniel Nauman, Jordan Odonnell, Rhea Riedlinger, Luke Scheeler, Kyla Schreiner and Colt Speidel, all of Laurel; Tabetha Rindahl of Lavina; Carmen Allen of Molt; Jessica Ecret of Nye; Norris Cole, Jodi Kinn*, Alighta Lloyd, Lisha Lutke* and Miranda McNeil*, all of Park City; Adora Fischer Henderson* of Pompeys Pillar; Kimberley Gelfarth and Devona Lambert, both of Pryor; Josiah Engebretson, Richard Feeley, Taylor Kovach, Ian Letsinger, Quinn Letsinger, Gabriella Russell and Tracy Thormahlen*, all of Red Lodge; Trevor Krook of Roberts; Sara Allen, Kelsey Krumm*, Jenna LaPierre*, Richard Page, Christine Perrella*, Cali Ruth and Andi Soennichsen, all of Roundup; Brandon Hammond, Ryan Heidema, Ashley Klaassen, Kelsey Lilleberg, Josiah Loven, Kristin Middleton, Sean Owens*, Megan Schaff*, Benjamin Shipp*, Lakota Stahl, Glenda Stahl*, Curtis Steiger, Nathan Steiger and Jessica Wagner, all of Shepherd; James Burrow* of Silesia; Bridgette Heil*, Andria Ketcham* and Keith Wectawski, all of Worden.

Kaleen Marie Dean of Park City has been named to the dean’s list at Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas.

Guinevere Ayes of Billings has earned a spot on the dean’s list at Creighton University in Omaha, Neb.

Local students on the spring dean’s list at the University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D., are Gregory Aders, Jeffrey Aders, Maria Day, Timothy Kuehn, Guy Madison, Rebecca Nash, Mary Pankratz, Rachel Pankratz, Samantha Rozett and Kevin Sullivan, all of Billings; Kaitlyn Wurnig of Huntley; Eric Delaney, Timothy Simonich and Kelcy Traeger, all of Laurel.

Local students were listed on the spring semester president’s list at Dawson Community College in Glendive with a GPA of 3.75 or better. They are Vanessa Newman and Brenden Stevenson, both of Billings and Keturah Lund of Huntley. On the honor’s list at Dawson Community College with a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74 are Matthew Owens, Ryan Donovan and Jacob Kinghorn, all of Billings.

The Billings Golden K Kiwanis have provided $2,000 in scholarships to West High School students. The Gary Reynolds’ Scholarships were awarded to Brennan Hawsey and Michael Wheeler. Hawsey plans to attend Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. Wheeler will begin his pre-med program at the University of Montana. West High Key Club Scholarships were awarded to Sarah Scheie and Jessica Dutton. Scheie will attend Montana State University. Dutton plans to attend the University of Wyoming, majoring in architectural engineering.

Mary Jones of Billings received a $2,000 Mike and Mary McDonough Montana Scholarship from the University of Montana in Missoula. Jones is a 2013 Billings Senior High graduate and a freshman at UM.

Gerrit Bruhaug of Billings has earned a place on the spring semester dean’s list for the College of Science and Engineering at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho.

E. Colleen Powers of Billings has received a $4,000 Fox Foundation Scholarship from the University of Montana in Missoula. Powers is a Billings West High graduate.

Angela Eischens of Billings earned a spot on the dean's list from Bemidji State University in Bemidji, Minn., for the spring semester.

Brianna Burgess of Billings received a $2,000 Van Bramer Scholarship from the University of Montana in Missoula. Burgess is a 2012 Shepherd High graduate.

Cody Fisher of Billings received a diploma in residential heating, air conditioning and refrigeration from the St. Cloud Technical & Community College in St. Cloud, Minn., where he earned academic honors.

Garret Heath Meier of Billings was on the dean’s list for the spring semester at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

Kacee Rall of Worden earned a spot on the dean’s list for the spring semester at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

Joshua Wiens of Billings is on the spring semester dean’s list at George Fox University in Newberg, Ore.

Collin Anthony Murray of Billings received a $1,800 Taylor Jane McMurtrey Scholarship from the University of Montana in Missoula. Murray is a 2012 Billings Central Catholic High graduate.

Sean Brogan of Billings recently received a $1,750 Bonhomme Scholarship from the University of Montana in Missoula. Brogan is a 2010 Billings Senior High graduate.

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