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I hope that with this leadership that FWP can balance their focus on wildlife. Under the last Director, 90+% of wildlife division focus was directed toward elk and wolves while ignoring Big Horns, Moose, Mule Deer and Antelope.
Nicely written Jeff, look forward to working with you.


I would like to see the bison solely managed by the MTFWP. The department of Livestock has no business managing any wild animal. This great state of Montana, has a bison hunting season the MTFWP, issue tags for the right to hunt bison. Why does the department of livestock play any role in bison management?


81-2-120, otherwise known as, "How the DOL has the FWP by the Bison Balls", needs to be repealed, so that Montana can move forward with managing wild bison as wildlife.

chas michaels michaels

Mr. Hagener is the right man for the job. Now if he can just get rid of some of the people in charge in a few areas FWP will get back on track.


I am hoping that under your leadership wildlife and habitat are the focus, and that of responsible science, instead of politics being used in determining the course of action in wildlife/habitat management. I am also glad to hear your concern for various stakeholders in this process. Perhaps I need to avail myself of your open door policy and just come into the office, since trying to get a phone call through to you to address the denied public access of the local Elk Brucellosis Working Group meetings in Park County, resulted in my being told that you would not be available till mid July. Heres hoping for more accountability and transparency in FWP management.

Alex Russell

Hagener, always a class act.

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