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A matter of civil rights, equal rights

2014-08-10T00:00:00Z 2014-08-10T16:07:06Z A matter of civil rights, equal rights The Billings Gazette
August 10, 2014 12:00 am

The true facts inherent in the proposed NDO (which are in direct opposite to Mark Carlstrom's recent advertisement in The Gazette) are as follows:

The NDO is necessary and is not part of an unscrupulous agenda. It is a matter of civil rights and equal rights, not special rights. Finally, no one will lose.

The majority of the healthy and happy LGBT sector would disagree hands-down that their lifestyle is harmful. In fact, an NDO that is LGBT-inclusive would help the ones who are experiencing despair, frustration and self-pity due to rejection by others or self-rejection. Think of a crossover into a state of peace of mind, heart and spirit.

Darrell Ehrlick's statement in his Aug. 3 column "Justice for all" that "the best a nation of Christians can do is recognize that those things that divide us need healing and reconciliation" was perfect at this point to drive the NDO into positive territory.

The best of Billings will forever be the healers and encouragers of one another to achieve the completion of an NDO.

In the midst of "rough seas," the Billings City Council should act as "the lighthouse" to guide and protect its community to a place of safety. Is this not the underlying goal of the NDO? Isn't it about time that due consideration be given to "us-us-us" rather than "me-me-me?"

Think on these words and pray as one city under God for the best outcome.

Mary Kay Bozman


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