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Disrespect shown to Beeman, school board disappointing

2011-10-02T00:00:00Z 2011-10-03T09:20:20Z Disrespect shown to Beeman, school board disappointing The Billings Gazette
October 02, 2011 12:00 am

I was both puzzled and disappointed with the recent school board decision to not renew Superintendent Keith Beeman's contract. I don't feel that he had been given the time needed to put his plans in place. Personally I would have renewed his contract exclusive of the "frills" that it included. But the school board made its decision and that's their job.

However, I was very disappointed and somewhat shocked by the raucous behavior of the anti-Beeman crowd. The booing and cheering and general bedlam was both unprofessional and disrespectful. The school board and Beeman deserved better.

It was somewhat ironic that people said they were afraid and operating under a veil of fear with Beeman at the helm, yet here they were booing and jeering him and at least four members of the school board. I can only hope that this group didn't represent the majority of teachers.

If the next superintendent is treated with this kind of disrespect and lack of professionalism, we can look forward to another "short-timer." At $15,000-20,000 to search for and hire a superintendent, we can also look forward to a lot of unneeded expense.

Vince Ruegamer



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