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News is that Sen. Jon Tester is pushing his “compromise” bill, which will give us a lot more acres of wilderness, forever, in southwest Montana, which is great because we are saving this forest “for future generations.” Motor vehicles are barred and this lasts forever, so there is no way future generations can use it, and no way we can use it, except by foot or by horses and possibly guides and horses. That’s good.

We are all asked to sign a new initiative which will prevent landowners from posting their land and making little wildernesses, and contracting with outfitters so the outfitters and their guests have exclusive hunting in these little wildernesses. That’s bad.

Taxpayers are spending millions to rebuild Going to the Sun Road in Glacier Park, so more can view more of Montana’s “Crown of the Continent” with its great alpine scenery.  Thousands of us have enjoyed this park by motor vehicle in years past. When roads are rebuilt, more thousands of us will enjoy the park again by automobile.

This is good, too, of course, and most of us would never have enjoyed Glacier Park if we had to walk or ride horses.

Why is it wonderful for us to improve Glacier Park roads for access to Montana’s best scenery, but we should create more wilderness where all of us are barred forever unless we walk or go by horse, and yet we need an initiative to keep landowners from creating their own little wildernesses?

Robert Hurly



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